Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jeff and I can sit for hours in front of a House Hunters International marathon. We stare, rapt and aghast, shocked by what so little can buy in various incredible locations. Some are humble abodes, charmingly rundown, others palatial and elaborate. There are pools and grounds, gates and outdoor showers. They are stumbling distance to the beach or high atop a rainforested mountain. They always have a name and almost without exception they are some ridiculous price, like $30000.

Stunned, we lock eyes as if to say, "Let's do this." Mouths agape with minds blown, we silently search for reasons why we shouldn't. I furiously crunch numbers wondering how much we'd need to live and if selling ice cream would cut it. My mind races, justifying the negatives and resting hard on the positives. Watching these expats tour the treehouses and beachhuts of Fiji and Bali and Costa Rica, we wonder if we could liquidate and just go. This trip has made me believe in our pipe dreams and I'm starting to think, "Why not?" I mean, we're doing this, so why not that?

Tomorrow we'll leave Sydney and head to a new place on another continent 4600 kilometres away. We'll say goodbye to the Commonwealth, to the societal familiarity of places like New Zealand and Australia. Neither of us has been to Asia so I expect a good dose of culture shock. And I'm excited about that.

This also marks the first time on our Eat, Gay, Love adventure that we'll fly into a place with no definite schedule for departure. Because of our decade-long obsession with Bali, we thought we'd leave it open-ended. So far we're set-up for a week in the south, followed by a week on the less-touristy north shore. Don't tell immigration, but we may never leave.


I'll round-up our adventures in Australia soon, from the comfort of our private pool near Sanur, Bali. 

LOCATION: Potts Point, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
DATE AND TIME: March 14, 2013 1:00PM Australian Eastern Standard Time/March 13, 2013 10:00PM EST

While checking-in for our flight from Sydney to Denpasar, an uninformed flight attendant told us we must book our outgoing flight, within 30 days, from Bali. As Canadians, we don't, but she refused to check us in until we could prove we had. (Canadians, if asked, must only be able to prove they have enough money to get out of the country. Australians, on the other hand, are likely trying to stay illegally in Bali all the time. Anyway, so under the duress of Virgin Australia, we had to hurriedly book our flight. So we committed to 30 days in Bali. Updates on Instagram, and more to follow soon.


  1. Woohoo! Super excited to read about your adventures in Asia. I moved to Beijing in August to teach for a year and just signed a contract to stay for another year. I didn't experience nearly as much culture shock as I thought I would.

  2. I've thought about pulling up stakes and getting out of dodge, too. God knows my skills are more marketable in Europe or the USA. I don't think I would be happy in the US, but I wonder about Italy A LOT. However, with aging parents who are needing more help, it doesn't seem like a good time. I wonder if it could someday...
    Go for it!!

  3. A handful of TO media folk told me to follow your adventures because in 10 weeks I'm setting off on my own. I'm going the wrong way round (off season almost everywhere), but that means I get to follow in your steps. Loving the reviews and of course the photos, and looking forward to reading what's next!