Monday, January 7, 2013

I'LL BE HONEST, MY HEAD IS BEGINNING TO SPIN A LITTLE. After a whirlwind holiday with friends and family, things just got very quiet and very real. Without a place in Toronto and only weeks away from our Eat, Gay, Love adventure, Fort Lauderdale has become our temporary full-time home. We are jobless! Untethered.  And while excited, I can't quite quell the bubbling anxiety.

A few months ago, when all of this began to happen, I made a concerted effort to absorb it in stages, to avoid sleepless nights of future-worrying. So I put each step of the process into a box and, surprisingly, managed to keep each contained. When people would ask: "Aren't you so excited?!" I'd say "Not yet!" because there was just so much to do and consider. And I wanted to be present for all of it. I have a tendency to get ahead of myself, so had to work hard to take small bites.

  1. Prepare our condo for sale.
  2. Sell it, pack it, close it, tie loose ends.
  3. Celebrate the holidays.
  4. Say good bye to so many lovely humans.
  5. Drive to Fort Lauderdale.
  6. Celebrate more holidays.
  7. Say more good byes.
  8. Start planning the trip.
  9. Leave. Head west toward New Zealand.
10. Eat, Gay, Love.

We agreed that we'd start Step 8 today; the real (and daunting) process of organizing this trip. Other than daydreaming and idly mashing things into Google, we haven't done a thing in terms of practical or logistical planning. 

We have a budget, a vague idea of where we'll go, and the whisper of a timeline, but otherwise the world is, as they say, our oyster

And so we'll treat it like a job. Monday to Friday for the next several weeks will be about dutiful scheming, each of us hunkered down at a laptop with a coffee and a dream. We'll plot, and as we do, I'll fill you in, step-by-step. 

(This week in Florida. Follow me on Instagram!)

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  1. Hey Jason, I'm really excited for you, but I can also relate to your anxiety! A year feels like a REALLY LONG TIME and it's impossible to predict or prepare for EVERY eventuality. So, those of us who are control freaks would have to pack some Ativan, practice our breathing, and just plunge right in! I have every confidence that you and Jeff will cover all the bases that really matter and make it a GREAT year :) Have a wonderful time and eat it all WHOLE.

  2. Planning is the best part and I'm thrilled you're "bringing" us along.

    P.S. - I want to make wallpaper of the T.J./Jason photo.

  3. Exciting...exciting..exciting.