Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A GREAT FRIEND, KRISTIAN, HAS IMPECCABLE TASTE IN MUSIC. He created this playlist to share with his pals, but I didn't want it to go unheard by the thousands dozens who follow here. And so I give you The Guest Playlist, something I've been meaning to do for a long time. More music that's perfect for your cocktail parties this holiday season or for a solo stomp through some melancholy streets this winter. 

Here's what Kristian has to say about his mix:

I'll never let the magic go... 
I'll float away into your afterglow. 

Winter is the season of nostalgia, so it's probably no coincidence that many of these songs are concerned with the past. Hanging on to it. Learning from it. Sounding like it. Letting it go.

"Wings" by Haerts was the impetus for this mix and the inspiration for its title. Try not to float away into a haze of faded summers, lost loves, regrets and reckless hope.

 I hope your 2012 has been and continues to be magical. Don't let it go. Enjoy.


Float Away Into Your Afterglow

  1. Walk on By -  El Perro del Mar
  2. Paradise - Wild Nothing
  3. Wings - HAERTS
  4. Cold Feet - Lost Lander
  5. True Grit - Joywave
  6. Form - Poli├ža
  7. Northern Lights - Kate Boy
  8. Don't Let Me Down - Solange
  9. Runaway - Mr. Little Jeans
10. Promises (Plastic Plates Remix) - The Presets
11. September - St. Lucia
12. Good Times - Bright Light Bright Light
13. Mainline (feat. Syron) - Tensnake
14. Run Run Run - Dragonette
15. Curtain Music - Rough Fields
16. I Was a Boy - El Perro del Mar

ILLUSTRATION BY PAUL DOTEY. He captured my very own 'Paradise', our condo in Florida. (SEE PICTURES HERE.) We're about to spend the month of January there, resetting our brains to Perpetual Vacation Mode, and also planning all the details of our racearoundtheworld. It looks like we're starting with New Zealand, so if you have any suggestions please leave me a message!

Soon there will be more than music posts here, too. But with my life consumed by packing and cocktailing, it's all I seem to be doing. 


  1. New Zealand! I was there in 2004, but in my opinion the South Island is where it is at. We drove all the way around the South Island and some of the highlights for me were hiking the Franz Josef glacier (pricey but worth it), the beaches and hikes in Golden Bay (north of Nelson), watching the sunset over Stewart Island in Invecargill (which is an adorable town), and the wildlife and beauty of the Otago Peninsula (outside Dunedin). The west coast of the South Island is especially gorgeous. We used The Rough Guide as our travel guide for NZ and I highly recommend it.

  2. The North Island of NZ is great in summer, check out the Bay of Islands, Russell and Pahia are sleepy laid-back coastal towns, with plenty of delicious seafood. Rotorua is very touristy, but great fun with plenty of stinky geothermal activities (stay at the Duxton out of town if you ahve a car). Taupo is stunning, if you are not on a budget check out Huka Lodge- one of the most beautiful lodges in the World (The Queen always stays there). Napier was leveled by an earthquake in the 20's was rebuilt in the moderne Art Deco style, a very stylish town. For fine dining check out the French Cafe in Auckland, and if you are in Auckland do a day trip to Rangitoto, a volcano in the middle of the harbour, easily accessible by ferry, do a hike up to the top for amazing views of the city and be sure to check out the fern gully and lava tubes, take a picnic- this is a secret gem of an activity. Also be sure to check out Waiheke Island- and spend a night or two there is you can, and have lunch or dinner at the Mudbrick cafe. I worked on a book called Discover New Zealand Atlas and Guide... I have plenty more tips, let me know once your plans firm up.

    I also have plenty tips for the South Island- Queenstown is a must, Hamner Springs is cute. Christchurch is also cool- I have been there after the Earthquake and it is recovering well. The container mall is very trendy.

  3. back to work music is required...thank you.