Thursday, October 4, 2012

I THOUGHT I HAD SOMETHING TO SAY WITH THIS POST. A whole thing written and waiting to go. That was until this morning when I got an email from Jory. You see, he's been working on an illustration, a favour to me, a request I made of him because I like him so much. And his work, well that speaks for itself. He's a beautiful artist, talented beyond measure. And a super guy.

Whatever it was I was going to say alongside this illustration fell instantly flat when I saw it. And when I read how he had interpreted the songs I offered. So I'll let his work and these songs stand alone. The last thing either need are my anecdotes.

Here's what Jory has to say about his beautiful illustration:


  1. I Wish I Never Met You - Sam Sparro 
  2. Sad - Elton John vs. Pnau
  3. Picking up the Pieces - Paloma Faith
  4. Dark Parts - Perfume Genius
  5. Thinkin' 'Bout You - Frank Ocean
  6. Taking in Water - Jessie Ware
  7. Thin Line Between Love and Hate - Annie Lennox
  8. That's Alright - Kindness
  9. Love in a Foreign Place - Gossip
10. Nonesuch - Tanlines
11. All Your Gold - Bat for Lashes
12. Wildest Moments - Jessie Ware


(To keep these files in order, please create a new playlist in iTunes and simply drag the contents of the downloaded zip folder.)

Illustration by the awesomely-talented Jory Dayne Hemmelgarn.


  1. Jason - I understand what you mean when you say anything from before falls flat. I saw the roughs for this illustration and I can't believe the end result (well, I can... it's Jory, after all...) Excellent job, Hemmelgarn.

    (How many M's in your last name?)

  2. Wow. Just wow. If I wish really really hard, do you think I could possibly bring this drawing to life? Yowza. Exceptional work, Jory!

  3. Agreed, Lauren. I enjoyed showing this to the straight dude in my office. He blushed.

  4. Oh GOSH you guys. I'm blushing! Thanks for all the kind words!

  5. A stunning work of art. My initial reaction was that you can FEEL the tension and movement in the picture. It made me listen to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Feel It Now. Delightfully Dark. Thanks.

    Instagram: PHILIP_R_CAINE

  6. Fantastic work Jory and Jason! Love both the illustration and the playlist. Music for my Thanksgiving weekend is set :)

  7. Really digging this concept/collaboration. Imagine I'll be thinking of this illustration every time I hear "Taking in Water". Leaves quite a powerful impression. Thanks for sharing, guys!