Wednesday, October 24, 2012

JUST BECAUSE IT'S OFFICIALLY FALL DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO SHY AWAY FROM CERTAIN FOODS. Your pantry can pack a punch year-round, if you do it right. Every kitchen should be stocked with go-to's which can be pulled together on a moment's notice and turned into a great meal, regardless of the weather. Sometimes all you need is a 30-second pit stop at your local produce stand and dinner can be on the table in minutes! 

Ash Denton, friend and brilliant food stylist, has this to say about a well-stocked pantry:

1. TETRA PAKS OF CHICKEN STOCK - I always have plenty on-hand to make risotto, flavour regular rice, or make a quick soup. 

2. CANNED TOMATOES - Either whole plum or stewed. You can use these to make a quick pasta sauce or chili. 

3. GOOD SEA SALT, like Maldon. 

4. THE INGREDIENTS TO MAKE SALAD DRESSING: dijon, olive oil, a jar of minced garlic.

5. FRESH CITRUS - Not really a pantry item, but a fresh squeeze of lemon juice or zest is a a great addition to salads, fish, dips, and dressings. Just get in the habit of keeping lemons and limes on-hand. 

6. CANNED CHICK PEAS OR WHITE KIDNEY BEANS. Pureed in a food processor with garlic, lemon and oil, they make a perfect dip. Added to curries or chilis. 

7. AND I ALWAYS KEEP A WELL-STOCKED BAKING CUPBOARD: Flour, sugar, baking powder/soda, are always good for that spontaneous batch of cookies or a loaf of some kind.

And so, grab a can of San Marzano tomatoes (arguably the best tomatoes available, in-season or not) and a hunk of fresh ricotta, a bunch of basil and some pasta. Ash made ours from scratch (instructions and can be found on The Bay's website) but dried works too!

Photography by me for The Hudson's Bay Company. More images there. Food Styling by Ashley Denton.

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  1. I like. But a jar of minced garlic? Ew! I use fresh garlic or go without.