Monday, October 1, 2012

SOMETIMES I WANNA SHARE A HANDFUL OF SONGS, but I get obsessed with finding a way to incorporate them into a larger playlist. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but my lists tend to tell an overall story. I love sequencing tracks in a way that can tie otherwise unrelated songs together. But, I've decided to start sharing stand-alone tracks, songs that are burning their way into my brain right now.

I'm a big Sia fan and have included her on many lists. While she's often written songs for other people, she's been collaborating with the big guns lately, with people like David Guetta, Madonna and BeyoncĂ©. Her aesthetic slathered all over high-production pop songs is like a dream to me. Rihanna's new single, "Diamonds" was co-written by Sia and I can't stop listening. Lord knows I can get into an anthem, so it's nice when it's tinged with something more ... organic. Enjoy my first 5-track, below.

1. Diamond - Rihanna
2. Flash - Roisin Murphy
3. Closer - Tegan and Sara
4. Somewhere - Scissor Sisters
5. We Could Fly - Sam Sparro


Illustration by Sandi Falconer, great creative mind and my oldest friend. Check out her beautiful leathergoods  brand, Falconwright.

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  1. I love that your playlists always have an overall narrative.... and that like you're photos, they capture the big picture and the details too...