Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September is a weird one for me. I get caught somewhere between the hot and sunny days that linger, and the idea that summer. is. over.  

And so I'm unsure about what I want to eat. And cook. Emotionally I'm ready for heavier food: stews and things-thickened, those made with red wine and butter. But then I step outside on my way to the grocery store - still clad in shorts and t-shirts - and I'm not sure what I want. 

And so I'll ease-in, with turkey chili instead of the usual beef. I'll skip the carrots and potatoes, black beans and dark red kidney and instead use chickpeas and white beans and lentils. No rich tomato paste for density and I'll allow it to run a bit thinner, soupier. Brighter notes of heat with cayenne pepper and a splash of Corona when deglazing the pan.  And, instead of bread or heavy garlic toasts, I'll serve it with pitas or tortilla chips. Step gently into the new season.

Turkey Chili with White Beans and Lentils

Brown and crumble one pound of lean ground turkey in a large pot. Add a large onion, diced, and stir until translucent. Add several cloves of garlic. Mix in varying amounts of chili powder, cumin, maybe a dash of garam masala and some cayenne pepper. Salt. To taste, adjust throughout. Add a half-bottle of beer (I used Corona) and deglaze your pot, allowing the alcohol to burn off. Dump a can of crushed tomatoes, a half can of water, and whatever combination of beans and lentils you enjoy. I used white kidney, navy, chickpeas and white lentils. Taste often and allow flavours to combine for ... a while. 

Morning After Serve chili on a bed of undressed spinach, and split a rich, 4-minute egg over the top. Protein burst. Best breakfast ever.