Monday, April 9, 2012

This weekend one of our favourite people in the world celebrated his 40th birthday. John is a southern belle from North Carolina via New York City who (much to our delight) moved to our fair city 4 years ago when his partner Chris took a post at one of our arts organizations. As you can imagine, leaving NYC for any reason would be a tough one, but that's the thing about John. He's nothing if not open-hearted. 

In that spirit, friends and loved ones assembled to ring in John's new decade at the Flying Beaver Pubaret (a terrific and intimate live-music venue in Toronto's Cabbagetown) with musical and comedy offerings. From T.J.'s reworked version of "Taylor the Latte Boy" to a 6-minute comic retelling of crowd-favourite Steel Magnolias, it was definitely . . . super gay. (And that's glazing over Sharron Matthews' performance, monologues from Designing Women and a live-reading of John's hysterical Twitter feed.)

It was one of those warm-and-fuzzy, magical nights we hope John remembers for a long, long time.


    1) Kelly is HOT
    2) Can you come to my birthday?

  2. This ranks as one of my most favorite nights ever. So many big smiles in these pictures! You most certainly know how to capture a moment. Also, that first pick of T.J. is the Cutest. Thing. Ever.

  3. oh my gosh, I got a face-ache from grinning at these. so great, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTER! Xs and Os all around.

  4. I don't know John but he sure looks happy. Me want the photo of JJs and Teejers. Poster size. Please send.

  5. Jason...perhaps you're getting tired of hearing how fabulous your photos are? Oh well. Too bad. What a wonderful, fun, life filled and joyful commemoration of a perfect night for your friend!! I felt like I was watching a walk through of SNL rehearsals :) Especially love the photo of the woman in mid "song" (?). Awesome composition, light, and flavour. fab.
    PS. It's my Birthday next week. Care to document me and the girls on our trek to Buffalo for shopping and cheesecake factory carnage? We were once kicked out of Target for using their scooters "inappropriately"....