Friday, February 3, 2012

As yet another NYFW approaches, I felt like looking back on the last. 

It seems like just yesterday I was in New York shooting pictures.  And here I am again.  I could get used to this.

This time, my friend and e-lebrity blogger, Ryan Marshall (Pacing the Panic Room) invited me to join him.  He's been working on a film project documenting famed hair-guru Guido Palau and asked if I wanted to come and take stills.  Did I?  Yes.

Fashion Week: Backstage.  

There's something about your name on a list and a pass around your neck that makes you feel like a real superstar.  Total access to the whole joint.  Backstage, front of house, wardrobe, makeup.  Even runway rehearsals.  All of it.  Pretty neat.  When I arrived on Tuesday morning I dashed from the airport straight to our first show at one of the giant studios on the Hudson River.  Ryan was already in full-swing and I dove right in.  We buzzed around, snapping away, him focused on his beautiful videography and I on still photos which he'll incorporate.  It was super fun.

(Oh, did I mention that he and I had never met in real life?  Like most bloggers will understand, we certainly felt like we knew each other, and we fell into a really easy rapport, instantly.  He's everything he seems on his blog: sweet and kind and straightforward.  No bullshit.  I adore him.  And if you're wondering: Yes.  There is a weird, unspoken pressure to impress or be just as they thought you might be (or, at the very least, not disappoint) and it doesn't reallllly go away.  Because you realize, even in a surprising cocoon of comfort and familiarity, that there are parts of you that might come as a complete surprise.  So, in a way, it's like a very bizarre first date.  But I'm pretty sure we'll keep seeing each other.

(And for even more images, check out Ryan's post about our backstage adventures at NYFW.  Here!)

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  1. Just one thing to say.
    Could someone please give these poor people something to eat?!?
    They all look like they have been sucking on nothing but damp rags for a year.