Monday, February 6, 2012

I carry a bag every day. Sometimes it contains nothing but my wallet, a pair of headphones, and an iPad. Other days it's stuffed full with camera gear or groceries or books and magazines for a flight. 

These days it's the Filson Zippered Tote, available online, or, if you're in Toronto, Motoretta on College Street is an exclusive carrier. It's extremely well-constructed and I'm especially into the length of the handle straps; long enough to toss over a shoulder, but not so long that the bag drags on the ground when you carry it at your side. I also require a bag that can carry my 17" Macbook, which is hard to come by. This one is perfect. Hey dudes, get into bags and stop mashing stuff into your pockets. And we're not still sitting on our wallets, are we? #respectyourpants

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  1. Man, you are just a blogging machine lately! Also, love the comments on the bag/pockets. I remember a few years ago that Stefano Gabbana said in an interview that he thought bags were silly because cargo pants meant you could just carry everything in your pockets, and I think I set that magazine on fire, right then, right there.

  2. I bit the bullet and ordered the Filson large briefcase yesterday. Need it for work and love the fact that their bags have multiple pockets to store my laptop, books etc. Not to mention that the construction & quality is top notch!

  3. Hi Jason. Like you, I'm a murse addict, but I found this article interesting (pasted below). It made me cut back to just my moleskin, iPhone and 1 house key for exactly 2 days. Then I crammed my Frietag bag fully manly stuff and ported it to the studio with a camera around my sore neck.

  4. Very interesting. I find myself carrying a bag to work more often than when I run to the grocery store or walking the city (usually stuff my coat pockets-if it's winter or reduce my items in the summer). Perhaps I should consider carrying a murse.

  5. S is very much about having a bag instead of everything in pockets; he's the cross-body sort though.

  6. What a great bag. I lug around a satchel by Karen Walker for Swandri. Swandri is a New Zealand company that makes heavy felts coats for farmers and KW colaborated with them. I've had it for years, and am now coveting an upgrade from 78Percent- I like the Gustav