Thursday, January 26, 2012

Last week I shared photos of the Marshalls. In telling the story of their little family, the weight of it landed on The Littlest Buddy, leaving Tessa as the adorable girl in the photos. Let me be clear: Tessa is no wallflower. But by some well-deserved twist of luck, she's a hugely independent two-and-a-half year old, allowing Ryan and Cole to focus on LB when necessary (which is often). She's happy and well-adjusted and hysterical

One day during my visit, she was playing with a Slinky. She happily wandered off down the hall and into LB's bedroom, reappearing only seconds later after having somehow tangled herself, like a bear caught in a trap. I'll never forget her stumbling down the hall, confused as to how this happened, asking for help to get loose. Like I said: Fuckin' adorable.

The Marshalls like to play this crazy game - Hide and seek in the dark! Some people hide, and some seek, prowling around the house in the dark with nothing but a flashlight. 

I was much too fragile a kid to handle such a game, and, truth be told, playing it with them had me highly anxious. I hate being scared, I don't love the dark, and the thought of someone jumping out at me with a flashlight is totally terrifying. But since the two small children love it so much, I tried to be a bit of an adult.

There's nothing quite as cute as Tessa sitting silent and still as a mouse under a blanket, waiting to be found. She's amazing at this game! She'll tuck herself behind a door, or a chair, or next to the washing machine, and stay there, no matter how long it takes to find her. And when you turn a corner and flash that light on her adorable face she screams and laughs her beautiful laugh as if it's the very first time she's played. 

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  1. OMG, Hide and Seek in the LIGHT terrifies me. I would not be able to handle it with a flashlight in a dark house. I always marvel at those who find being scared somehow fun!

  2. I don't know who you are or what your blog is about (I haven't checked out the About page yet) but after the hair post and this I am totally sold on it. And you. You have captured Tessa so gorgeously in your words and pictures. Can you come over and describe my children, please?

  3. the black and white absolutely makes it!