Friday, October 7, 2011

Topshop + Topman have made their long-awaited debut in Canada.  In celebration, The Hudson's Bay Company (who partnered with Sir Philip Green to bring the brand across the pond) hosted a slew of events, which meant two big days of dinners and parties and appearances for me to photograph.  (See more images here.)

On Tuesday night all of Toronto's hippest and too-cool-for-schoolest filled The Hoxton (a new club/concert venue at King and Bathurst) for a private party and show by The Kills.  Somehow I've been out of the loop where this band is concerned.  While everybody was buzzing with excitement for the intimate show in this smaller-than-they're-used-to venue, I was indifferent, merely a hired gun staking out a good vantage point to shoot the band. 

Imagine my surprise when a skulking, writhy, sexy Alison Mosshart and a brooding Jamie Hince (ie. Kate Moss' husband and personal friend of Topshop-CEO Green) took the stage with their rough blues-rock.  While they overwhelmed the space (not to mention my side-stage positioning wasn't exactly sound-friendly) I dug their obvious chemistry and could tell the music was strong.

I downloaded their latest album (Blood Pressures) and was surprised by the polish and heart.  It's been on repeat for days.  I can't get enough.  

DOWNLOAD a track ("Nail in my Coffin") and go fetch the rest wherever you buy music.

Also part of the store opening extravaganza, I shot photos of British band Friendly Fires.  See those here.)

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  1. They. Are. Amazing. I saw them play at Terminal 5 in New York in August and they were just the sexiest band I'd ever seen. So fantastic.