Monday, September 19, 2011

You saw the behind-the-scenes, now see the shots!  Visit the B-Insider for the complete shoot featuring some of Canada's great new up-and-coming artists wearing terrific fall and winter coats from The Bay.   From graphic designers to chefs, to musicians, this was a truly spectacular, vivacious and warm-hearted group of people.  (With just enough ego to make shooting them a breeze!) 

Enjoy a brief preview below and click over to see the rest and watch a terrific behind-the-scenes video by the folks at LIGHTXHEVVY Studios with music by the very-talented Joey O'Neill.


  1. Man, the Bay has come along way. Love these photos... and I want her boots (I think that means you've done your job ;)

  2. I'm privileged to see your pictures more than most...but you keep taking it to another other this photo shoot! ... although male fashion models are scary to me...