Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just a few shots that got lost in the summertime hubbub.  From Montana to the alleys of Toronto's Annex, this was a good summer, wasn't it?  Come September, when the chill deepens in the air, we forget so quickly the smoking hot days of July, the light that stretches from early morning until long after dinner is served.  We pull a pair of socks over sun-soaked feet and dismiss the months spent shoeless.  We recede into our houses and classrooms, shuttering our cottages and rolling down our pant legs.  

So, for a moment, let's remember long days and longer shadows, hot pavement and cold lakes.  

And while we grieve the loss of summer days, let's make sure to take solace in knitwear and boots and scarves tossed effortlessly around our necks.  Let's rally with root vegetables and soups, red wine and hearty cuts of meat.  And though it might be a self-imposed mindfuck to ease the loss of summer, let's shriek and clap buoyantly for leaves that change colours, seemingly more beautiful than the last time.  


  1. Great shots, as always. I have to say that I'm not at all saddened by the fading of summer days. It's just so damn hot here most of the year that I relish in sub-90s temperatures. :)

  2. I love how you captured the last summer days mood. You are right , summer is definitely over, when one needs to put on socks again. (I still don't wear...)

  3. Love these photos! I have missed photos of your lovely lake house!