Friday, September 30, 2011

It's been a while since I've posted music.  Truth be told, summertime usually finds us at the cottage listening to janky pop music on satellite radio.  Sometimes the oldies I'd hear in the car with my parents, Simon and Garfunkle, maybe, or CCR.  Or we tune to the 90s station for our own nostalgic journeys with Nirvana or Ace of Base.  For us, sprawling on the dock in the sun goes hand-in-hand with that sort of thing.

But today we're on the cusp of autumn, at any moment crossing over, and new music from Feist and Laura Marling and the Mates of State are on constant play through my headphones.  And I wander this city kicking up the leaves that have begun to scatter themselves in our streets.  Be forewarned, it's not altogether uplifting.  (But that shouldn't come as a surprise.)

Songs for Looming October

  1. A Candle's Fire - Beirut
  2. How Come You Never Go There - Feist
  3. Montezuma - Fleet Foxes
  4. Mission Bells - Armistice
  5. Nervous Lonely Night - Jessica Lea Mayfield
  6. Rest in the Bed - Laura Marling
  7. Sadness is a Blessing - Lykke Li
  8. Desire - Mates of State
  9. Cruel - St. Vincent
10. Shake it Out - Florence + The Machine
11. Caught a Long Wind - Feist
12. My Lord, My Love - Antony and the Johnsons
13. Wapusk - Kathleen Edwards
14. You Won't Let Me - Rachael Yamagata
15. Night After Night - Laura Marling


  1. what a fantastic list--you have lovely taste my friend.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Downloading now. :)

  3. I was so looking forward to the next list of yours, as you know...
    Thanks a lot for sharing. I wish autumn would make its way to Jordan, I miss kicking up leaves.

  4. Just found your blog via Doorsixteen and I am in love. Your pictures are gorgeous. So is your cottage! You have a new fan. Greetings from Brussels