Monday, August 22, 2011

Last week the Mimran Empire celebrated another collection of their exclusive-to-The-Bay clothing line Moon, this time including menswear. The party was at Malaparte, the very cool and swanky lounge space in the TIFF Bell Lightbox where beauuuutiful late-summer light poured in through the windows and I dashed around taking photos of alarmingly attractive humans.

Click over to The B Insider to see the full set and stay tuned to their site over the next few days for another fantastic video by Trevor Francis, the insanely talented videographer/creative mastermind who buzzes around at these parties too.

UPDATE: Now with never-before-seen images!

(Oh, and one of my absolute favourite features on the B Insider is Felix Wong's work with Naro (the stunner above) on this glorious pant story.  The hair and makeup, the clothes, the model and the beautiful photos - The Bay's Kate Corbett did a terrific job pulling it all together. As a photographer, sometimes you see a picture - or a series-of - and you just feel irrationally angry and jealous that you didn't shoot it.  This story makes me feel like that.  Nice work, friends!)