Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last week was a very special one.  My dear friends Brian and Chris and I traveled to Montana to celebrate the wedding of another wonderful friend, Christina, to her beloved Tim.  We crunched the numbers and realized, to our own shock, that we've been friends for more than a decade.  And for people not yet three of those old, that's saying something.

This week was full of big conversations, big laughs, and big tears.  One of those weeks where you count your lucky stars.  But as Brian so aptly noted, it seems passive to call yourself lucky, as if you did nothing to earn or deserve it.  In the case of Christina and Tim, they are lucky because they are kind.  They are lucky because they are so loving to each other.

It is said that children don't learn they are loved by hearing the words "I love you".  They come to know its definition by seeing the faces in the room light up upon their arrival.  That immeasurable glint in a coveted eye that says "I see you.  I adore you.  You are my dearest love."

Christina and Tim have two of the brightest faces at any given moment, but made blindingly-so when they lay their eyes on one another.  It's a privilege to see, to be privy to that kind of shine.  They inspire others to lift their brows a little higher, to bend the corners of their mouth another centimeter, to display love and kindness with every glance.

And although this next bit should be filed tidily in an intimate place, it just needs to be recorded, for all the world to hear: As we drove north from Missoula to Glacier National Park where the celebration would take place, Christina got a pre-wedding message from her soon-to-be.  Tim listed a series of traits he adores in Christina: the usual (her beauty, her smile) to the weep-inducingly thoughtful.  At the end of his long list, he noted that she was complete.  She, on her own, days before she'd take his name or bear his ring or hold his hand in marriage, she - exactly as she was - was complete.

And with that, a car full of over-emotional kooks wept together.  And drove through the mountains to the most magical wedding that might ever have been.

(A mere preview of the thousands taken.  And I'm saving the colour for them.)