Saturday, June 18, 2011

While I was in New York, my friend Jesse happened to be there too.  We met this time last year when we shot Sherman's bowtie lookbook and have collaborated a couple of times since.  He was in town to do a fitting with Tommy Hilfiger, who'd be dressing him for the upcoming Much Music Video Awards

We had dinner (at Peasant, in Nolita - amazing) with Tommy's director of PR and got to talking about his look for the show.  I then insinuated myself into it by suggesting I pop by the showroom (also located in the Starret-Lehigh Building) to take some shots.  You see, this building is gorgeous.  And blasting in through 10-foot windows overlooking the river, the light is beautiful. And the model . . . well, come on.  I mean, you've seen Jesse, right?  Any chance I get to photograph him is not to be passed-up!

And so it was: I'd meet them there in the morning and we'd shoot some fun photos.  But, get this, they'd pitched the idea (How to Dress for an Awards Show) to men's lifestyle magazine, Sharp, and now they'd have photos to go with their story.  Ipso-facto: an online story with a great (and Canadian!) magazine.  

I hoped it was just that special brand of New York City synchronicity, but the Doubting Thomas on my shoulder was beginning to think the horseshoe up my ass would cause permanent damage. 

Whatever the case, check it out over at Sharp.  (And a few other photos below.)  


  1. Nice, expecially the blazer and bare legs! That could totally work for the MMVA's

    well done buddy.

  2. Especially. I blame my proximity to Regent's Park for the "x"

  3. Everything is so great! The glasses, the shoes, the watch...umm....everything :)

  4. Jesse = hawt.
    ...and obviously gorgeous pics!

  5. Oh Jesus -- he has a chest tattoo as well?!

    Why must you do this to me....

  6. Excellent pics Jason. Jesse was an inspiration for my new haircut. I owe it to you...and Jesse of course. Thanks!