Friday, June 17, 2011

For me, this solo-trip represented a lot of fear-conquering.  From bus rides to photo-gigs to couch-surfing, I was spitting in the face of my anxieties and diving in, head-long. 

Fear #486: Staying in a pod hotel and sharing a washroom at the end of the hall with 30 strangers. Check.

After staying for two night's with the spectacularly- hospitable Kelly, it was time to check-in to my hotel.  The Jane is located on Jane at West, in a bit of a grey area between Greenwich and Chelsea.  A couple blocks west of my namesake street, it seemed a match made in heaven. 

Now, in the interest of honesty, this place is way hipper than any place I'd typically feel comfortable.  I'm not sure how you, loyal readers, see me, but I'm not a hipster.  Aloof doesn't look good on me.  So while I'd feel more comfortable in a traditional hotel, this trip was about economics.  At a measly $99 a night, the Jane's Standard Cabin was the only way to go.  Sure, there's the whole YMCA-style washroom thing, but short of sleeping on the street, anything less than $100 is a steal in this town.  And what it lacked in size, it more-than made up for in style.

Pictured below, the lobbies are beautiful, all rich colours, chandeliers and taxidermy.  It's got a sort of Colonial tropics-meets-NYC cigar lounge vibe.  And while it's definitely a place for the ultra-cool, it wasn't intimidating and the staff didn't emit any of that Signature Hipster Chill.  My room was, as-promised, teensy tiny.  Like, beyond small.  5x7.  I could touch the walls simultenously without full-extending my arms.  And with a less-than-twin-sized bed and a wall-mounted TV, there wasn't much else to see.  I tend to unpack when I check into a hotel, hang all of my clothes, make myself at home.  Not so, at The Jane.  A few nautical hooks on the walls, a complimentary bottle of water and some dimmer switches were the end of the frills.

But it was fun.  Modeled after the inside of a ship's cabin, this little room was perfect for my NYC adventure.  I wasn't looking to spend any time indoors, so space and luxury were at the bottom of my priorities.  It was perfectly suited to the throw caution to the wind attitude I had for this trip, and it felt old-school, like I was an explorer discovering a new land.  But, at the end of each day (instead of referencing old maps and scrolls) I'd pull out my laptop and relive my day with Jeff over Skype.


  1. All I can say about this trip so far is wow. Loving it.

  2. Cool hipster hotel, hipster.

  3. Me too loving my VICARIOUS visit to NYC :-)

  4. I love characterful hotels with postage-stamp-sized rooms, regardless of the hipness factor. A bed that's comfortable enough for a good night's sleep is all I need.

    PS - Love the quietly romantic image that closed out the post.

  5. "But, at the end of each day (instead of referencing old maps and scrolls)" hahah! I haven't stayed at the Jane yet, but if the couches ever run dry, I'd love to try it out.

  6. Did it feel at all like you were in Japan? Or was the room way bigger than that? :)

  7. So... like a hostel type situation? (Not the movie, nor the kidnapping thing.) I love your pics - Instagram turns out well enough, on my computer anyway.

    I love this trip, but I can't wait until you head back to the cottage... I just got a new place and need some serious inspiration!

  8. I am so not worthy of the description "spectacularly hospitable." HA! You're lucky you had clean sheets ;)

    I remember tapping my foot on the elevator as I came down to meet you in the lobby that first night. Having just rushed back from a student performance and anxious for a margarita and hoping you would quickly just agree that you were game to walk across the street to meet a bunch of strangers. You did. It was great. And the rest, as they say, is history!