Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My first collaboration with The Bay happened a few weeks ago.  Much like the retail store itself, Jeanne Beker is as Canadian as it gets.  If you were anything like me as a tween (ie. a dramatic homosexual) you lived for Sunday afternoons when FashionTelevision would air, hoping for a sneak-peek of something tawdry, like a peakaboo-titty on a European runway or, good Lord above, a men's swimwear show.  

Aside from hosting one of the most-respected fashion roundups on TV, Beker does all sorts of things from writing books to spear-heading magazines to launching her own clothing line.  

But she's quick to point out: She's not a designer, but rather, an editor.  Hence the name of her line, Edit, available only at The Bay.  She showed-off her Fall 2011 looks at a swank lunch in Toronto's east end at Boehmer, one of the newest restaurants on the Ossington strip.  All the editors and influential bloggers were invited to lunch and schmooze and ogle her wares.  

I've never seen so much dessert go untouched.  Fashion people.


  1. Impeccable.

    You are my new Canadian style blogger/photographer hero!

    xo ShoeTease

  2. She favors Anjelica Huston, no?

  3. I lol'd at "peakaboo titty" - firstly because "peekaboo titty" is hilarious, but also because "peakaboo titty" sounds like the name of a cottage from an old Nancy Drew novel.

    p.s. you are doing very cool things, J-Hud. Well done.

  4. The writing on this post made me choke on my coffee laughing. Beautiful photos, per usual. The very striking Princess Jasmine-favoring lady 8 from the top made me question my heterosexuality.

  5. Oh, hi Mr. Superstar Photographer.

    That last one of the hangers is totally amazing.

  6. eeps! how did not comment on this? the photographs are stunners, jason. there's a softness here i don't always expect from fashion. gorgeous.

  7. I was, and AM, always mesmerized by your photos.