Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If you're Canadian, you know about The Bay.  (If your last name is Hudson, you tend to think of it more frequently than the average person.)  It's a department store, not unlike Macy's, but super old, having begun in the 1600s as a fur trading post. How utterly Canadian, I know.

For many of us, The Bay has always been a place your Grandma shopped or a store you'd cut through to get out of the mall. As a kid I remember thinking it was just so big!  Some locations were on multiple floors, for goodness sakes!  

As I get older, it's become a place I buy underwear and one I cut through to get out of the mall.  But as The Bay shifts its focus and takes on a more glamourous place in retail, it's also where I have my first-ever "contributor" role, in the new social pages of The B Insider (that's what she said).  It's a blog/online magazine/digital style file.  There will be swishy party photos as well as beauty and style advertorials (like this swoon-worthy Boys with Beards story) and much more.  I'm totally thrilled to be involved.  Get on board and follow their Twitter here.


  1. Wow..really? The Bay. I have a hard time believing the revamp because their website is so horrible. Funny...i usually cut through it too. Good luck!

  2. Congratulations! Those photos were fantastic BTW. I'm wondering what the American equivalent of The Bay is? Sounds like it may be similar to Nordstrom's... or maybe a few notches above a Macy's?

  3. Thanks!
    John - Yeah. It really depends on the location. Every city, big and small, has a Bay. The flagship Queen Street store in Toronto is sneaking up on Holt's. But some small town stores are like JC Penney.

  4. Oooh, congrats! You're becoming big time!

  5. does this mean you'll no longer be free to shoot my wedding.....you did promise.....