Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beyond being delicious, I think cookies are one of the most emotional foods around.  They take us back to our childhood, the thought of an Oreo or a Girl Guide conjuring deep-seated memories.  Dad's Oatmeal were my personal favourite, dunking one in milk just long enough to reach maximum-saturation, but before half the cookie crumbled to the bottom of the glass.  

And just as fast as I commit to Dad's as a runaway-favourite, any number of cookies enter my mind.  From the pricey and delicious Chewy Chips Ahoy to the ultra-affordable wafer (in pink, white, and brown) there are as many cookies as there are moods, or times of day.  While our Mothers munched on a Peek Frean (too bland and conservative for kids) our Grandpas enjoyed a spicy ginger snap.  Oreos, Fudgeos or an animal cracker - so many to think fondly on.  

Whatever your preference, if probed, we'll all go on and on about the memories associated with cookies.  That time you traded a Dunkeroo for a handful of Fig Newtons.  What can I say, I liked the seriously nerdy snacks.

Nowadays I tend to make cookies more often than I buy them, so they've become more than a heap of recollections and weird icing.  All that sensory stuff has become mashed with the science of baking.  It's about the sandy texture of creamed butter and sugars, a fingertip of dough so tactile against the tongue.  And then another shift, suddenly becoming rich and smooth with the addition of an egg or two. When dry ingredients join the mix everything becomes dense and triples in volume, then gets nubby with nuts or chocolate or raisins.  It's about the difference between soda and powder, brown sugar and white.  When you stop looking at the scrap of paper your Mom scribbled on, when the recipe lives in your mind, you feel like you've really accomplished something.

The process of making cookies is nearly as exciting as the eating.  And, unlike baking a cake, when you make cookies you get dozens instead of just one.  

(Today I used my trusty salty-chocolate-chip recipe, adding white chips and a cup of filberts.)  


  1. Oh so delish I will make these for this weekend

    Art by Karena

  2. I spy a heart on the first hazelnut picture (and now I cannot see the picture without staring at the heart...

  3. Nobody really hates cookies, do they? People fall on either side of pie vs. cake; I can't stand a runny buttertart; a custard flan can incite rage in some folk, but everyone loves their favourite cookie and will defend it to the death.

  4. You make cookies rather often. Send me some?

  5. oh man, i could use a cookie right now.
    or a runny butter tart ;)

  6. Yum...making these today...unless of course the Rapture happens and then I won't get a chance to eat them