Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Recently my pal Kathleen over at (one of my favourite sites) Jeremy & Kathleen posted a blog about her beloved husband. She asked readers to send in their questions for him.  When you're an attention whore like us, you gotta know there's a strong, silent type who holds shit down while we're off nattering on the internet.  

She's got her Jeremy, and I've got my Jeff.

So, I'm copying her.  I'm opening the floor: Ask Jeff.  What are you curious about?  Do you wonder how he feels about the blog?  Wanna know his favourite music? Any curiosity about the man who puts up with this guy?  Now's your chance to ask.


  1. Jeff: How many times a day do you say to Jason: God! I can't believe you just said that?!

  2. OH! Me first!

    Hi Jeff,
    I'd like to know how you feel about Jason's blog, in general.

    And what is your biggest pet peeve about Jason?


  3. I was just thinking about this yesterday! I have a couple:

    So Jeff,

    As somebody who frequently exploits my personal relationships for for profit and gain, I'm often surprised at how taken aback people can be at finding themselves the topic of a post, a tweet, etc. Are there times when you've been like "Don't even think about it?" about something that Jason has written or photographed? Do you get veto privileges? What's it like living with your own personal paparazzo, is I guess what I'm asking.

    Also, (and imagine this in my best Barbara Walters, by which I mean, Rachel Dratch as Barbara Walters) Who is Jeff? Tell us about yourself. What do you do? Favorites? (books, movies, &c)

  4. Interesting idea! I'm curious whether Jeff reads all your entries or does he kinda leave it alone?

    You're both so handsome!

  5. General question: what is it about wayfarers that make a guy look so smokin' hot?! I got my BF a pair for Christmas just so they could work their magic.

    Jeff question: If Jason was gone for a month what would you miss most? Both from a practical side and a more personal side . . . other than the obvs snogging.

  6. Dear Jeff,
    What's your favourite lesbian music from Jason's collection?

  7. Dear Jeff,
    which cities/countries/continents would you like to visit if money wasn't an issue?

    And: What makes, in your opinion, a good relationship last long?

    I love this idea!

  8. Jason, you clearly had nothing to worry about...

    Here's my question: Did Jason have to twist your arm to participate in 'Ask Jeff' or are you happy to divulge details of your life to strangers on the interwebs?

  9. how long does it take you to grow in your beard? this is a never ending discussion/debate with my own beloved who is beard challenged...

  10. Jeff,

    What would you say are the biggest personality differences between you and Jason?

    Also, what's your favourite dessert?

  11. Hiya Jeff! Hmmm, what fun this could be. I'll be good though, for now.

    Please tell us something about Jason you think we'd be surprised to know.

    What's your biggest indulgence or pet vanity?

    Is there a city/town/country you've always wanted to live?

    What's your favourite host gift to give or receive? Are wine and flowers done you think? (We're going to someone's house for dinner and we don't know them all that well, so this is self-serving.)

    Thanks to both of you for doing this! xox

  12. Oh! One more. Is there a trend in men's fashion you wish would just die? Any in women's?

  13. What brought the two of you together? (How did you meet? What did you originally like about Jason?) What helps keep you together?

  14. Jeff what is it like having such a fabulous friend like Nick? He just seem so charming and nice...

    Yours truly

  15. Dear Jeff,
    1. Do you ever cook for Jason?

    2. What kind of work do you do?

  16. What's the best advice that Jason has given you?

  17. Dear Jeff,

    Does your food ever get cold while you wait for Jason to photograph his latest, beautiful creation?

    And what is your all time fav travel destination?

  18. DEAR JEFF:
    Who is the big spoon in this luxurious relationship? Is it a J on J scenario? or more of a J on J?

    super concerned

  19. How do you put up with Jason?


  20. Dear Jeff,

    If you were stranded on a deserted island for one week, what 5 things would you want to have with you? Don't worry, Jason is stranded there with you.


  21. Dear Jeff,

    Have you and Jason ever experienced a vacation? I recommend it! Maybe Florida? Your lives seem tres' tres' stressful!



  22. Jeff, how would you describe your style? (Or would you even describe it?) Also which band or artist do you hate? (Ex. Mine is Nickelback.)