Monday, February 21, 2011

When I need inspiration, I head over to Myles Henry Tipley's blog.  For years he's been one of the greats in the deep well of sites I peruse daily.  He's got incredible taste and an even better eye.  He's assembled one of the best blogs of his genre (that "curatorial" type, an assemblage of brilliance and class and tastemaking genius) and has made a real name for himself.  

Mark my words: One day he'll edit a magazine or be the creative director of something big.  Big.  Remember his conveniently-memorable name.

Anyway . . . if I need to spend a few minutes (or hours) jump-starting my brain, I often click around his corner of the internet.  Particularly when I'm heading in an Americana, coastal, classic, masculine direction.

Many of the following images come from Myles' site, a few I've posted before.  Others are from various places on the world wide web.  None are my own.  Credits lie deep in the internet somewhere.  I apologize for not having them readily available; I too wish I did, so I could click it up and place a major order.

You see, we've been hot on the trail of a place here in Fort Lauderdale.  Our real estate agent has been schlepping us all over town, from coastal condos to golf course communities.  We've yet to hear back on an offer we placed at a very Melrose Place-style development, but we're hoping we do before we leave tomorrow.

You might be asking yourself: What the shit do these two need with a place in Florida?  And why there?  Well, if I told you it could cost less than a car, you might hop a plane yourself.  And it's really quite lovely here - Relaxed and tropical, gay-friendly and beach-adjacent.  If we sit on it and enjoy for 8 or 10 years (with the occasional rental to friends and family to recoup some costs) we hope it will double its value (returning to what it once was before The Mortgage Crisis) and earn us some serious profit/poolside enjoyment.  Time will tell.

So, this is a tear-sheet of how we want to decorate.  I'll keep you posted.

(This is a controversial sort of entry, as I haven't done the appropriate research to properly attribute each image to its owner.  If you know who they belong to, our where products may be purchased, please do leave a comment.  And accept my many apologies, but the intention is to celebrate the beauty and the old-school-tear-sheet inspiration.)


  1. oh effing hell, I need sources for these. I could just put big ol' checarks beside so many of these images. total winners, Jason. fingers crossed for the pair of you. NF!!

  2. checkmarks. not checarks. damn phone.

  3. I'm quite the fan of nautical decor myself. Very comprehensive post! Well done.

  4. Please come and decorate my house. Your ideas are all fabulous!

  5. Wow so many amazing images~ I am jealous you may get a second vacation home! Is it really that cheap to buy there?

  6. Based on these images, stop looking in the condo market and just buy a yacht. (boats are way cooler anyway)

    Either way, nice collection of inspiration, J.

  7. Hey, Tim.
    Can we borrow a sweet million?

  8. Feeling pretty damn good about the number of items on this post that are already in my house (that weirdly do not add up to the feel of this collection at all). That having been said, I would give my eye teeth for those tendre-gris chairs.

  9. Jory - Isn't it interesting how a person's slant on these sorts of things change their spirit altogether? Neat.

    You can buy those chairs at Crate and Barrel!