Friday, February 4, 2011

January flew by, didn't it?  The holidays came and went, a haze of drunken buffoonery, before stumbling into that twilight zone of another new year.  We got busy with midwinter bed and breakfasting (check out Hughson Hall if you're in Stratford, and watch for an upcoming post about our weekend there) trip-planning (Fort Lauderdale!) and landlording (we bought an income property!) - So time, as it sometimes does, got away with me.  Thanks again for your interest in my whereabouts.  I'll avoid promises of more-frequent posts, but will try my very best.  

I recently shot a series of photos for a friend who works at the Toronto neighbourhood magazine, On the Danforth.  Two lovely models styled in spring clothes from a variety of boutiques and shops in that part of town.  We shot in an old house, blessed with a bright winter day which could pass as spring-y.

Giant coral-coloured lips and even bigger curls.  Denim and silk and floral, high-waisted shorts.  Brassy jewelry.  Suede shoes. For a moment I forgot about slushy gutters and grey skies and dreamed of a day when footwear won't be dictated by the weather.  Not soon enough.


  1. so many exciting things going on! for some reason I am especially happy and excited for your income property haha! congratulations!
    these girls are so beautiful. love the luscious red lips.

  2. I want her dress.

    Great photos, so pretty and sunshiney :)

    p.s. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who doesn't post religiously. Keeps us readers on our toes, right?

  3. Enjoyed that recent post of yours on Egypt. Who could have known how topical it would become in the days following?
    Very nice blog you've got; keeping busy on various fronts -- sounds great.

  4. Missed your posts!

    These photos are lovely. I want her necklace.

    I used to have an income property. That was hard work... but it definitely paid off in the end. Yay for real estate... congrats!

  5. Are we going to see you? Don't freak out, we all dress in jorts by March.

    Great images, you shoot in front of a soft box? Or just a big gorgeous window full of sun?

  6. AND a sailboat necklace? Yes!

    Was the rental property a fixer-upper? If so, do we get details? Welcome back, and happy new year, blog friend.

  7. No way! Hughson Hall?! I know Ross and the hubby! Beautiful place...

  8. Oooh -- Loving those lips... And welcome to the land of landlording -- it'll keep you on your toes.

    Can't wait to see your next travelogue!

  9. I want that necklace. And to wear a coral lip like that.

    ps, you're dreamy.

  10. the photos are fantastic! i MUST know the shade/brand of that lipstick. how would i find out?!?!?!?!?!

  11. The makeup artist MADE it!
    I'm not sure what colours she combined, but that one in particular doesn't exist!