Sunday, February 20, 2011

Florida is in a state of perpetual summer.  It's bizarre: In February, locals are wearing sweaters.  It's 25°C (77°F) and blisteringly hot, but, for them, it's kinda cool.

Temperature is relative, I suppose.

For us, coming from the deep freeze, there's something about wearing shorts this time of year: it feels like a gift. And we've taken full-advantage.  Shorts.  Short-shorts.  Shorty-short-shorts.  And flouncy button-downs.  Deck shoes.  Checks and stripes and blues and khakis.  Easy-breezy.

And, conversely, back at the house we're renting, you won't find us obsessing over clothes.  That's the beauty of a secluded yard in the tropics: our wardrobe consists of SPF30 and not much else.  There won't be photos of that.


  1. You look great in these photos. I love that shirt + shoes.

    I feel like such an asshole saying this now, but when we went to Miami last winter, we thought it was a tad chilly after leaving South America. I would kill to be in Florida right now. When does Seasonal Affective Disorder start to dissipate? I skipped it last year.

    Anyway, Florida looks good on you two.

  2. Look at you.
    Studley The Dragon.

  3. You are two good looking men.
    I have Florida envy now. It's -10°C over here.

    And that checkered shirt looks great on you!

  4. Handsome x 2! You guys are making Florida look real nice right about now...

  5. Both of you are looking so cute and smart! Love your photography:-) U are talented!

  6. I's like, why did the Golden Girls need an electric blanket? Right?

  7. Geez. How did we miss the Fl Summit?! I would have bought boat shoes and everything.

  8. Ryan, you live in Florida and don't already own a pair??
    I can't believe it didn't happen.

    Another time.

  9. I remember that pic of you from your September Street Style photos feature thingy!