Monday, February 14, 2011

After taking the redeye from Niagara Falls, New York (how cosmopolitan!) we're here in Fort Lauderdale.  Not a heck of a lot on our agenda, besides basking in the sun and perhaps poking around some more real estate.  Prices are still rock bottom in these parts, so you never know what we might come home with.

We rented a private house a block from the beach.  It's got everything we'll need: a pool, a hot tub, and a working ice maker.

TIP: If you live anywhere near Niagara Falls, check out Spirit Air.  Flights are super cheap to many places, including Peru and Colombia, and all over the Caribbean.  We got return flights to Florida for $165, all-in!  For us, definitely worth the drive to the border, as a direct-flight from Toronto to Ft. Lauderdale would've been about $600 each.  Also, we're parked at the airport for 9 days for $35.  It would cost more than that per day at Pearson.  And (if you need more convincing) the airport is tiny and quick; with only four gates, there's none of that super annoying waiting-in-line-to-take-off bullshit.  The catch is that we flew out at 1:55AM.  But what have we got to do today besides a smash-and-grab at Super Target and some serious booze-napping on these loungers?  Exactly.

(The shade sail above, of course, reminds me of Morgan's a couple thousand miles west of here.  It's something I've thought a lot about for our cottage.)


  1. That's my kind of trip planning... except that we would have been more ghetto and taken the metro or bus to save on parking.

    I hope you two have a great time!

  2. A working ice maker you say!? Pure luxury.

    Enjoy it, J.

  3. it's plus 5 here today. i know you're jealous. xox, mister.

  4. Wow that sounds fabulous! I love renting houses instead of staying in a hotel. Enjoy.

  5. *sigh* I'm relaxed just looking at that pic, enjoy your trip!

  6. Wow that place looks really nice, hope you guys have a great trip. I can't believe the prices in Florida, it is dumb cheap down there.

    Also to all of Jasons readers, if you don't follow this man on twitter you are failing miserably.

  7. Have a great trip!

    I'm soooo addicted to Target.