Thursday, November 25, 2010

With just one week until our trip to the Bahamas, we're in full-blown Salad Mode.  That vanity-driven final push, when you realize you'll be in thigh-high swim trunks in no time, and eating light and lean is an essential self-manipulation to go confidently shirtless in public.  

The Niçoise salad is a favourite, its components adding up to a hearty and filling meal.  I'd never made it with fresh seared tuna so snagged a pound of wild yellowfin at the St. Lawrence Market, thick and bruise-coloured, its weight and density satisfying in the hands.  Seared for mere moments on each side, you should achieve a scant eighth-of-an-inch salt-and-peppered crust, with a bright, glistening centre.  The sear gives the fish a perfect blend of textures, cutting the squeamishness associated with raw fish, and adding a nice warmth to the salad greens.  Alongside steamed green beans, purple potatoes, pretty little heirloom tomatoes and halved hardboiled eggs, the Niçoise is the king of the Substantial Salad.


  1. Thanks, Meenskies. It really was. And thankfully cooking it isn't toooo stressful, since you'd hate to ruin a $30 pound of fish, am I right?

  2. Bahamas? I hope to see pictures ;) We rented a house on Eleuthera last January and it was the most fantastic find! pink sand beaches up both the atlantic and caribbean side, board games and rum into late evenings, open window island air and fans keeping cool... Wow, I am jealous. Enjoy yourself.