Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Though we're woefully behind the times, we finally saw one of 2009's most-celebrated films, Tom Ford's A Single Man. Needless to say, it was worth the wait.  Seven observations, none of which are new or original.

1. Aside from his perfect performance, Colin Firth has never looked better.  The suits, the shirts, the hair, the tan.  Meow.
2. The first 10 are easily the leanest film-minutes I've ever seen, largely due to Firth.
3. Abel Korzeniowski's score is wonderful and sad, sweeping and old-school.  
4. The boys are adorable.  
5. Julianne Moore is swishy and fits the era as perfectly as her Twiggy makeup and kooky dresses.  
6. Every frame is worthy of a gallery wall, beautifully-lit and composed.  And the colours! (and occasional lack-of) are gorgeous.  As a photographer, this movie makes me want to make movies.
7. A deeply-sexy movie with so very little sex.


  1. Agreed. This was so beautiful. Sad but stunning.

  2. I loved it. It was sort of lush and stark, in varying degrees, which was a nice contrast.

    (Great specs, too. Duh.)

  3. Agree 100% a beautiful, quiet movie that made me break at how sad he was. Oh man, I'm sad.

  4. I agree too! My only complaint was that is was a bit too rich, kinda like when you have a chocolate cake in front of you and you eat the whole thing. Each mouthful is tasty, but it gets a bit much.

  5. This movie is fabulous! The way the colors intensify and fade away with the emotions of the characters? I'm not sure I would have caught that had it not been pointed out to me before I watched the film, but once you know it's happening, it intensifies it so much.

  6. Couldn't and still can't stop thinking of the film! Perfection!