Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It seems all I'm really good for lately are music posts.  What can I say?  This time of year often finds me hunkered down with songs, either at home or with an iPod tucked into my pocket, blasting through headphones on a crisp walk.  I avoid the subway this time of year as it's often too warm and stuffy down there under the ground; I'd rather meander through alleyways and sidestreets, one place to another, progressively colder each day, from trench to wool, bare hands to gloved ones.

These songs are a bit more raucous.  A bit more southern.  A bit more bluesy.  Sometimes a little more rough.  Songs to get your blood flowing.  Adele's new single ("Rolling in the Deep") is big and fantastic, her sophomore album (aptly titled 21) due in the new year: I can hardly wait. There's some Black Keys, some of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss' 2007 masterpiece, Raising Sand.  A few from UK superstar Florence Welch (of and the Machine) and a dash of Canadian (Owen Pallett, T+S) and a hit of the old school (Nina).  Enjoy.

Songs for Dwindling Fall Days

  1. Street Walkin' - Dan Auerbach
  2. Heavy Cross - Gossip
  3. Dog Days are Over - Florence and the Machine
  4. Rolling in the Deep - Adele
  5. All You Ever Wanted - The Black Keys
  6. The Mystery Zone - Spoon
  7. The Big Sleep - Bat for Lashes
  8. Moon Jam - White Hinterland
  9. Fortune Teller - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
10. On the Bound - Fiona Apple
11. Words - Lucinda Williams
12. Darkness Descends - Laura Marling
13. What Do You Think Will Happen Now - Owen Pallett
14. Ain't Got No, I Got Life - Nina Simone
15. Alligator - Tegan and Sara
16. You've Got the Love - Florence and the Machine
17. Rich Woman - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
18. Hold on, Hold on - Neko Case
19. Things Ain't Like They Used to Be - The Black Keys
20. Heavy in Your Arms - Florence and the Machine

Download.  (Removed because some lame label dude filed a copyright claim.  I'd understand this if I was offering entire albums or something.  This is just fandom and grassroots promotion.  Ugh.)

Note: To keep the songs in this order (please do!) select all the files in the folder and then drag them into a New Playlist you've created in iTunes. 


  1. once again, uh-ma-zing. and shush your mouth...music is not all you're good for. i completely abuse your food offerings, as well. ;)

  2. I need to figure out how to download these play lists of yours!

  3. Melissa!
    It's so simple: Click the word Download, go to the file storage site, click the words "Click here to download" in blue, allow the zip to download, double-click the zip, then drag the files into a New Playlist. Easy-breezy-touch-your-kneesy.

  4. dwindling falls days?! what are you going on about? it's still summer.

    also, i downloaded your file and it was ALL PORN. i trusted you, jason, you perv.

    (just kidding people with no sense of humor, the playlist delivers as promised - love the mix... and love love love the black keys.)

  5. Ooo, but, Mina, that's a great idea to expand the brand. These Roving Thighs.

  6. ...I don't what I'll do and don't know, should I change my mind? I can't decide. There's too many variations to consider...


  7. Oh my god, that Nina Simone song is great! I've just spent the past twenty minutes listening to her stuff on youtube. How did I not know about her?? Fantastic playlist. Moody as all get-out.

  8. Dwindling fall days indeed, it's full fledged winter here. Great mix :)

    I'm obsessed with 'Dog Days Are Over'.

    p.s. "these roving thighs", hehe.

  9. These Roving Thighs sounds like a blog for people who eat too much butter.

  10. AARRgh...I was too late. Looks like an amazing playlist too. and Adele has a new song? It's about time! I'll bake you some cookies in return for a hard copy of this. P.s. all for the porn.

  11. Tommy, couldn't you quote her all day?

    Well, Mina, you know how much I like butter.

    And Ash, I don't know that posting porn is on-brand for my site. Haha. I will get you the mix! Major Label Music Industrybe damned!

  12. Looks like I was too slow and now we can not download this? Bummer!