Sunday, October 17, 2010

We've had a remarkably sunny 2010 here in Toronto.  A nice spring, a gorgeous summer, and (so far) a bright and agreeable fall.  This isn't always the case.

For many people, spring and fall are the preferred seasons, moderate and fashion-friendly, rather than the extreme ends of the hot-cold spectrum.  So it's a real joy when we get a good six or eight weeks of each.  Plenty of time for mid-weight trench coats and blazers, jaunty scarves and fussy suede shoes, so picky about the weather to which they're subjected.  Nice dry days, 15°C.  Perfection.

And for these rare and cherished sunny days of autumn, here's another music mix.  I've been so pleasantly surprised with all the downloads - I spend a long time compiling and sequencing, so I'm glad you're all listening.  Thank you!

Enjoy this one, a more upbeat (or at least uptempo) mix, but with all the themes and sounds you may have come to expect.  Some are legitimately happy, while others employ the art of a sad song sounding happy.  I love it when that happens.

(And please let me know what you liked from the last mixes in the comments!  Any newfound musical loves?  Did you hit iTunes and buy-up any back-catalogues?  Anything you hate and can't believe I love?  Be honest, I'm super curious to know what you think.)

Songs for Sunny Autumn Days

  1. Enchanted - Patrick Wolf
  2. Ballantines - Aimee Mann
  3. Martha - Rufus Wainwright
  4. Wild Heart - Gentleman Reg
  5. So Small - Jim Guthrie
  6. These Flowers - Martha Wainwright
  7. All the Trees Will Clap Their Hands - Sufjan Stevens
  8. God Knows I'm Good - Danny Michel
  9. Utilities - The Weakerthans
10. Cousins - Vampire Weekend
11. Winter Sun - Jenny & Johnny
12. The Co-Dependent - Sia
13. Lovers Do - Jim Guthrie
14. Magic View - Diane Birch
15. Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois - Sufjan Stevens
16. Man Under the Sea - Patrick Watson
17. Now, More Than Ever - Jim Guthrie
18. Scared at Night - Kathleen Edwards


Note: To keep the songs in this order, select all the files in the folder and then drag them into a New Playlist you've created in iTunes.  


  1. Ah! I just realized you can download these playlists! I was intrigued but thinking "that's a lot of work to find all those songs". Duh.

    and yay!

  2. Have been loving the downloads... easy moody morsels. Loved Emily Haines, gentleman reg, was excited to see more of my favorites (Caribou). I suggest Ken Reaume - saw him open for Owen Pallett at a Halifax church three years ago and was blown away. There are (always) a few I don't follow, such as Chilly Gonzales. Hubby said it reminded him of 80s theme music!

    All kidding aside, keep them coming!

  3. Jason, I am in love with your blog. Nick sent me over this way. We just sold our 3 bedroom house and are moving into 600 sq ft as well. Scary, but not impossible judging by your fab pad. We're heading out of East York and into St. Lawrence Market. Come visit me over at Until next time.

  4. Thanks, Lisa!
    Don't worry, downsizing is fun. We don't need all the shit we have!
    Thanks for reading!

    And thanks, SarahD - I'll be sure to look those up! (And, yes, Gonzales gets very 80s theme song sometimes! But I love that!)

  5. amazing!! thank you so much for this!! sufjan is sooo fall. someone once argued with me and said he sounded more like summer and i said nuh uh no way.

  6. "a sad song sounding happy"--my favorites.