Thursday, October 7, 2010

We finally got around to hanging our TV on the living room wall.  It's hilarious to think back on the oldest, heaviest cabinet-style televisions of the 70s and 80s and then hold one, nowadays, in my own two hands.  I mean, I could lift this 42" guy over my head, if absolutely necessary.  There was a time when decorating around a TV was nearly impossible, it's boxy-bossiness all-too-much for most rooms.  We're big TV people, so I'm glad these times have changed and they've become kind of pretty tech-orations.

Living in a cheaply-constructed highrise condo, the inside walls barely qualify as such (and the outside walls are concrete and a bastard to affix things to.)  The interior ones are partitions at-best, hollow and weak, and as soundproof as a sheet of wax paper.  But, guess what, if you find a metal stud and use the right hardware, even the chintziest of walls can support these slim, modern televisions.  But all that is Jeff's department, with his spring-loaded anchors and drywall saws.  All the wires are neatly hidden inside the wall and come out again behind the cabinet which houses our sound system and TiVo.  He did a fantastic job.  

We also swapped out some lighting (and got a new beauuutiful brass side table - more on her another day).  Our beloved bird cage lamp has found a new home, framing the newly-hung TV, and the acid-green lamp now sits on the kitchen counter.  I love the way it at once separates and blends the rooms.  In a place this small, I think it's best to blur the lines a little.  

And there's nothing nicer than mixing a drink or making a midnight snack by lamplight.  Put a lamp in an unexpected place, like the bathroom, and see for yourself.

(Some shots of how things used to look.  Forgive the old formatting of the blog.)


  1. I had no idea that you had the sexiest living room ever. But I should've assumed, eh?

    (Hear that!? I said "eh"! I'll be joining you in Canada soon enough.)

  2. gawd, I love your living room! I could see myself cuddling up to an episode of Glee here. It's so warm and welcoming!

  3. That Jeff is handy to have around. Of course everything continues to dazzle and impress.

  4. I love that you did a whole post dedicated to your TV.

    Alex's sister made a comment about how our trip couldn't have been that life-changing because we were still talking about TV shows.

    Please continue to be unabashedly open about your love for the telly.

    P.S. Alex and I have been having a 30 Rock marathon because you recommended it. I am warming up to Alex Baldwin.

  5. *Alec... just used to typing Alex, I guess.

  6. as the home pics!!!! the birdcage lamp is fab!!!


  7. Thanks, friends.
    Mina, I'll never be one of those douchebags who's all like "Oh, no, I don't own a TV." Fuck you.

  8. You talented. Love how you developed your space so nicely. Very impressive.

  9. That last paragraph before the photos makes me wonder if you are making drinks and snacks in the bathroom.