Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This is not to say I do any of the above, but I've been known to sit in my own self-pity while listening to sad music.  What can I say: I like it.  And from the response to my last music mix offering, you do too.  With lots of downloads, it seems I have oodles of moody readers, from northern Canada to the southern U.S. to all parts of Europe and Asia.  

And I'm here to please.  So, do enjoy another collection of seasonally-appropriate music, from me to you.

(Oh, and I don't necessarily condone solo-drinking, but have to say, there are few things like wallowing in a bit of standard-issue Seasonal Affective with your choice of music when the lover's out for the night.  Amiright?)

Songs for Lonely Drinking

  1. Everything is New - Antony & The Johnsons
  2. I Don't Blame You - Cat Power
  3. Manifesto - Gonzales
  4. How God Moved at Twilight - Michael Cashmore, featuring Antony
  5. Oh My God - Gentleman Reg
  6. Big Bird in a Small Cage - Patrick Watson
  7. Trouble Weighs a Ton - Dan Auerbach
  8. Call It Off - Tegan & Sara
  9. Cloud - Sia
10. Beg, Steal or Borrow - Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs
11. Sleep Alone - Bat for Lashes
12. Our Hell - Emily Haines
13. Blue - Julie Doiron
14. Wrists - Tegan & Sara
15. Oh Father - Sia
16. Dust and Water - Antony & the Johnsons

Songs for Sunny Autumn Days (October 17, 2010)
November Rain | Playlist (November 29, 2011)


  1. Yes. I also listen to anything slow by Patty Griffin, Rufus, and/or Fiona Apple. Right now I'm on a "Make You Feel My Love" kick, courtesy of Adele.

  2. I love the Album Leaf. And you are so right. Now where is my bottle opener...

  3. I'm new here... I found my way here via Pacing The Panic Room... I love your music play list suggestions and your photos... wonderful :)