Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I've fully hunkered down for Fall.  I've got my carbs and my wine and my music.  I've compiled a playlist for your aural pleasure, downloadable below.  Beware, it's a rather heavy bunch of songs, but that's how I like it this time of year.  Dripping with sadness or strings or both.  Enjoy.

Songs for Cooler Days

 1. Futile Devices - Sufjan Stevens
 2. Sad With What I Have - Rufus Wainwright
 3. Don't Stop - Owen Pallett
 4. The Great White Ocean - Antony & The Johnsons
 5. Final Fantasy - Chilly Gonzales
 6. I'm In Here - Sia
 7. This Love is Over - Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs
 8. The Spirit Was Gone - Antony & The Johnsons
 9. That Year - Brandi Carlile
10. Honour the Dead or Else - Owen Pallett
11. Rambling Man - Laura Marling
12. Smothered Mate - Chilly Gonzales
13. What Would I Ever Do With a Rose? - Rufus Wainwright
14. A Seat at the Table - J. Tillman
15. It Will Sail - Sarah Harmer
16. Made by Maid - Laura Marling
17. Morning Bird - Sade

And download.  (Update: This file has been deleted because I violated the terms.  ie. Gave free publicity and love to a slew of artists I like.  F that, music industry.)

(Some of last year's autumn leaves.)


  1. ahhhh! you've made my perfect fall playlist! (my aural pleasure thanks you.)

  2. Mmmm... my Fall music list includes Sufjan Stevens, Arcade Fire, TV on the Radio, Sigur Ros - anything moody and a little sad-bastardish.

    I've got to check out Antony & The Johnsons per your recommendation,

  3. I put that Sufjan on repeat. It is my fall jam. Love it!

  4. Nice mix! I feel that my fall is going to quite abruptly start as we're still in the 60-70s here in Nevada, but when I travel home to Iowa for a few weeks later this month I'm sure the temps will drop. With the warmth of friends and the beautiful foliage I'll figure out how to survive.

    Maybe even catch a few snowflakes? Hit Girl can handle it. [halloween costume]


  5. This is so for me. Thanks, Jason.

  6. alas, laura sings lovely tunes, but ever since i heard she snagged my pretend boyfriend (marcus mumford), i listen to her joan baez-esque crooning in a totally different way. boo, for stolen imaginary boyfriends.

  7. doh, i just had a bad dream that i wrote joan baez and NOT joni mitchell. joan, joni...potato, pahtato. horrible.

  8. and with that, i have a new playlist.

    (as an aside sweetie, i'm typing with wet nails. shows how much i love.)

  9. nice autumn choices... owen pallet, sia, regulars on rotation with a few new in the mix. thanks!

  10. So glad you all enjoy.
    I'll be posting more. I need to get back to my music posts!

  11. Any playlist with Sade is a winner.