Friday, October 15, 2010

It's that time of year - It starts getting dark at 6:00 and stays that way until after 7 each morning.  Our bodies adjust to this lack of daylight over time, but it's a bit jarring at first, in the early days of October.  It makes it difficult to pull yourself from the bed to start each day, the warmth and coziness outweighing even the delicious coffee you promise yourself.

So it's nice to have a loose plan for a free day, something to drive you from that cocoon.

Yesterday I had one of those lovely mid-week-days-off where you putter about, tend to back-burnered tasks, listen to your favourite songs through headphones.  It started with a lovely brunch at Lady Marmalade on Queen East where I finally got to meet the lovely Tara McMullen, a local photographer and balls-to-the-wall-funny-chick, and we had the nicest time. We talked in that familiar, circular way, meandering about between subjects, then finding our way back to where we started.  We ate eggs at one in the afternoon and I got jacked on caffeine.  It was super.  

And then I ambled across the bridge, westbound, toward the St. Lawrence Market.  I poked about the beautiful harvest of October vegetables.  I needed lots to make my very first turkey soup.  My first from-scratch-soup.  Like, really from scratch. Boil the carcass for hours, skim the fat, pull the peas from the pod and the corn from the cob kind of scratch.  

I scooped up heirloom carrots, purple potatoes, green beans, broccolini, celery, onions, a knob of ginger, and some garlic.  A bunch of fresh thyme, some bay leaves, and a whack of sage.  My basket was heavy and satisfying.  The lovely lady at the stand I frequent gave me the usual discount, rounding down a couple of bucks, and before I knew it I was simmering the bones in a sea of herbs and spices.  I left the vegetables big and hearty; from stalks of broccolini (a bit bitter) to gigantic green peas (sweet and crisp) this soup has it all.


  1. I am in love with that girl's hair.

    Nice soup too.

  2. Your soup sounds amazing and looks very good as well. I have never attempted soup from scratch!

  3. AHH! I lurve you! I really am very balls to the wall in a way that only a lady can be.


  4. Don't you wish everyday could be like that? Even more so if the sun came up at 6 and went down at 9...

  5. I need to stop reading your blog when I'm hungry! that brunch! that soup! droool.

    happy weekend.

  6. Just wanted to praise the quality of photos and the healthy dose of upbeat color at work here. Nice.
    And great minds apparently think alike: When I saw your post I'd just been thinking of doing a post on a special lunch place I go to on one of those rare mid-week days off. :-)
    Take care,

  7. I love all of your photos. And now I want bacon.

  8. A perfect description of a lazy but productive day. Also, we ate at Lady Marmalade for lunch once, yes? You, me, and John? That soup looks fantastic.