Thursday, September 16, 2010

This past weekend Jeff and I babysat our niece and nephew.  For the entire weekend.  

This was a first for us, to be solely responsible for Elise and little Billy.  We've spent buckets of time up at our cottage with them, but this time there were no parents to pass-off to.  We slept with one eye open, crawled from the bed at dawn, the hour when 3 year olds spring awake, their boundless energy fully charged.  While we often make meals for the family when we're together at the cottage, we never have to make meals.  And we're never on full-time diaper duty.  

But we also never get to spend this kind of quality time with them.  We rarely get to do bedtime stories or bathtime.  And we certainly never get to spend a day on Toronto Island, peanut-butter-sandwich picnics or the teacup ride at Centreville, or the Far Enough Farm, the adorable little petting zoo at the back of the amusement park.  

It was a beautiful adventure.  And we got lots of cute glances from strangers; one woman even marveled at how handy it must be to have two Dads to lift the stroller up and down the stairs.  We didn't bother correcting her, instead imagining a moment (many, many years from now) when we'll groggily stumble through life, our kids buzzing underfoot.

(Above: The city skyline, a wonderful view across the lake from the Island.  A brave 3-year-old going solo on the Bumble Bee Ride, her uncles well-over the height restriction.  And then, at the farm, she was more interested in the spiderweb than the animals. And give 37 seconds to little Billy's babbling; it doesn't get much cuter.) 


  1. Soooooo stinkin' cute. All of it. The kids. The blog. The two papas. The photos. All of it. You make me smile.

  2. Very sweet. :) I love spending time with children, then being able to give them back at the end of the weekend.

  3. Oh my! So SO cute...i actually got a little teary when I saw the picture of your niece up on the bee ride!

  4. and with that, i've melted.

    (p.s., centreville! every other day benjamin asks to go back.)

  5. Oh my word. These kids are SO cute. I hope you've made prints of these pictures to share with the parents. The close-up one of your niece in her hat? Tooooo cute.

  6. I believe Billy was preparing the stick in the video to beat Elise with when she came near. You are the best Uncles two kids could ever have and will make the best of parents!!! Julie

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