Sunday, September 5, 2010

Often when Nick and Natasha have large family functions Jeff and I are invited to join.  Nick is Persian and Natasha's Polish-Italian, so imagine how often these sorts of things happen.  Jeff and I are about as white as you get, celebrating only the majors and at one-tenth the decibels of these folks, so it's fun to participate amongst the giant, loud families we never had. And I mean that sincerely and lovingly.

Natasha continues to outdo herself.  She produced one of the greatest charcuterie platters any of you has ever seen.  Amazing cheeses including Mimolette, Manchego, Blue and Saint Agur.  Meats like a Copa and a Prosciutto Parma, and a spicy German salami.  Quail and pear pâté, olive bread, marble rye flatbread, fresh figs from Natasha's Dad's garden, and a Raspberry Cab Sav jelly.  Did you hear that?

The basil linguine with zucchini, toasted pine nuts, mint and roasted shallots, the homemade raspberry sorbet, and the bakery-fresh cannolis were almost secondary.  

I'll be thinking about that pumpkin-orange Mimolette for many days to come.


  1. I've got the biggest crush on Natasha.

  2. Thanks, Hollie!

    Oh, she's smokin' hot, Kathleen. You'd love.

  3. add me to the natasha fan club. if ever you need a dishwasher, let me know. good gracious.

  4. OMG.
    That platter of goodness makes me want to weep.
    Have you folks been to "Local Kitchen"??
    You MUST. The best Salumeria and all local product. The finest meal I've ever had outside of Italy. GO. NOW.