Saturday, August 7, 2010

We needed a new pendant light for our bunkie.  As a fun homage to our birdcage lamp in the city, we knew exactly what to do.  It's a neat through-line between places, as it's increasingly hard to decide which little nest feels more like home.

Jeff found this country cage at Winners for $39.99 and with a couple coats of high-gloss white, it became instantly more classy.  (No before photo, my apologies; it was apple-green.)  Hanging it from one of the pines that surrounds our house made it super-easy to spray paint and made me think: Wouldn't it be charm-city to hang birdcages in the trees surrounding a cottage?  I wonder if birds would move-in?

Jeff was already an expert at wiring-up birdcages, so it became a lamp in no-time-flat.  It changes this dark little corner of the bunkie in all the ways I dreamed it would.  The right hit of contrast against all the terrible laminate paneling, the cage draws the eye away from the walls and into the room.  (I also twisted that mirror around, portrait-style, which makes much more sense; another example of how people tend to put things in a place forever instead of trying to find a better alternative.)

The bunkie is really coming together - An actual style forming out of its shabby bones.  Soon we'll tear-up the carpet and lay down plywood, more high-gloss-white to balance out the honey-coloured walls.  

And with every passing weekend, I daydream more of quitting city-life altogether.

(You may have noticed the curtain over our closet has become a cute flannelette blanket.  The 'perfect' one we found on-sale was infested with bugs.  Note: Beware when buying one of those textiles that has clearly been returned to the store.  Things that aren't pretty, indeed.)


  1. The place looks so cozy and comfortable...great job! Props on the new light also!

  2. "And with every passing weekend, I daydream more of quitting city-life altogether"

    With each passing bunkie post, I fall just a little bit more in love with this amazing space.

  3. You and Jeff together are unstoppable. This new light fixture is genius. Excellent choice about the mirror, too.

    So I'm guessing no more Canadian Tire?

  4. Your place is getting more and more beautiful! I love the birdcage light and I think having them all over the trees sounds stunning...imagine that when it snows!

  5. Aww love the birdcage light - it's perfect for the space! Your bunkie is as a bunkie should be...cozy and summer housey - not like all those super-sized cottages that keep popping up everywhere. Plus you have such a great view!