Saturday, August 7, 2010

We eat a lot of cheese.  We'd give Liz Lemon a run for her money.

Jeff, in his pun-soaked humour, is known to request a platter of cheese and crackwhores at midnight, while we're hunkered down in front of the TV watching god-knows-what.  The photos below represent two servings, apparently, and while there's no after photo, believe me, it was a pile of rind and crumbs.  I'm not necessarily proud of this.

I can put together a fairly excellent cheese board.  Some toasted pita and spicy hummus, cured meat, a soft cheese (below, a triple-cream blue Brie), a semi-hard Beemster, some cranberry-infused goat, and a slew of great crackers.  (Oh, and no platter is complete without a junky grocery-store cheddar.  Cracker Barrel Medium!  Mmm.)  Rosemary flatbreads, wheaty-crispy butter crackers, Carr's Cheese Melts (OMFG, have you had these?!) and a recent discovery: Margaret's Artisan Crisps.  They're not cheap, but they're delicious and totally organic, not to mention local.  They come in a variety of great flavours, this time the Date and Walnut, which goes perfectly with any cheese, but particularly something smelly.

What's on your cheese tray?


  1. This post makes my heart hurt - I want that exact cheese platter SO bad right now.

    And crackwhores is definitely my new favorite word.


  2. I'm not this cool. Smoked Swiss is my favorite, but it's impossible to find. Sad day. I also like Colby. Plain Colby without the Jack.

  3. You got it, Christine!

    Tommy, another place we differ on cheese, USA vs. CAN. We don't talk about Colby cheese or "Jack". And what the hell is "American" cheese at your American Subway restaurants? What the hell? What the hell, Tommy.

  4. Ha. Don't hate the player. Hate the game.