Monday, August 30, 2010

This year we enjoyed one of the warmest and most consistently-beautiful summers we've had in recent memory, and it's been a dream.  

Since mid-April we've spent 42 days up north.  12% of the year.  With a few more weeks of reasonable daytime temperatures and manageable nighttime ones, we should be able to make that 50-odd days before we shut it down for the season.  Not bad.  

(And that's the end of cottage calculations; I don't want to start crunching numbers where gin-consumption or red meat are concerned.  Or the sum-total of tonic that's gone through me.  Shit, that stuff is bad for you!)

So, enjoy these terminal days of summer, dear Reader.  Get your money's worth; take a boat ride or have a picnic or dip your feet into a natural body of water.  Something - anything! - that you may cling to as the days get shorter and the chill in the air deepens.

(Cottage moments with Nick and Natasha.  The end of another Muskoka-season draws near.)


  1. Summer is on the close but that means fall and that thrills me...beautiful pictures!

  2. What a beautiful photograph that last, the cloudscape, is.

    I noticed the first flash of orange in the leaves last week down by the pond and even the moon takes on a yellow cast at this time of year so the Fall is well on the way. I like each season equally but I must say this summer has been wonderfully warm with temperatures in the upper 90s and constantly sunny.

  3. oh my, you are all too beautiful. it's funny how the first chills of fall awaken this frantic rush to experience every waning moment of summer along with cravings of ciders and chili, potatoes and all the heavier fare we *avoid* during the summer.

  4. Aw, thanks friends.
    It's hilarious that this post comes on the hottest day of the summer so far. 41°C with the humidex. Atrocious.

  5. I think Toronto hogged all the summer this year.

    "cold in Edmonton"

  6. Lovely images, as ever; your text adds a layer of melancholy to them.

    (And is it just me, or does Natasha kind of look like Karen O?)

  7. i would like to go to there.
    a whole lot.

  8. You and all your friends are beautiful people. You eat the most beautiful and delicious food. You drink fantastic beverages. Your blog makes me feel like a troll who cannot cook but yet I keep visiting :)

    Goals..we all need goals. Mine is to have your fabulous life.

  9. That may be m favourite photo of you in the last while. Makes me grin.

    And everyone else is just as gorgeous.

  10. Is that Nick at the cottage??? wow what was the special occasion? I love how you capture the peace and serenity of the lake. Julie