Monday, August 30, 2010

Ryan at Pacing the Panic Room has a project that's awfully exciting.  He's curated a fantastic album of songs for kids and their parents.  Anyone who's spent any time listening to kids' music will know how horrendous and awful it is.  Take a listen below, click over to iTunes and purchase it.  Not only will you entertain yourself and the kids in your life, but you'll be supporting a great cause.   

SMS (Smith-Magenis Syndrome) is a childhood developmental disorder about which we know very little.  100% of the proceeds from this project will go toward a fund (created by Ryan with PRISMS - Parents and Researchers Interested in Smith-Magenis Syndrome) to be made available to grad students who decide to make SMS their field of study.  Amazing, right?  Not only will it help the kids, but it'll help broke-ass grad students too!

Take a listen.  Click to buy.  Or click to donate.  I mean, you'll spend $9.99 on something today, so why not this?   Watch Ryan's video below, too, to get to know a little about him and his family.  One of the cutest I've ever seen, for sure.  Ryan thanks you, I thank you, and cute little kids everywhere thank you.

(All content courtesy of Pacing the Panic Room and the beautiful mind of Ryan Marshall.)

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