Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's strange to meet the people behind the blogs you read.  Expectations run rampant, wondering if they'll be anything like the persona they shill online.  

Last night I finally met Kay from Apartment 412.  She's gotten into a bit of film-photography, and I offered to let her borrow some of my old gear. She came over for a lovely glass of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc and, just like that, my Mamiya 645 traded hands.  She needed a film-loading tutorial, and it was fun to put a roll through the old girl after 8 years sitting in a box.  I've charged Kay with the task of teaching herself how to shoot medium-format, and I really hope she has fun with it.

And then today I had lunch with none other than Tara of Seven Spoons.  Over the past several months we've had many fun exchanges and it seemed the perfect time to take our e-friendship to the next level.

We met at Bar Mercurio, a great little bistro/enoteca on Bloor Street, and took a table on the breezy patio.  She's everything I thought she'd be, but with a bit more swish.  Her blog is nothing if not dreamy and poetic, but I have to tell you (without uncovering too much of her mystique): She's a sassy girl!  Glamourous and sophisticated, easy-going and thoughtful.  And sassy.  In one second I knew we'd be real-life-friends.  And I think she feels the same!

Her lunch, however, would prove to be less-impactful than my charm and good looks (Ha!).  She chose the insalata Caprese and was disappointed that the unctuous and charred roasted tomatoes were surprisingly stone-cold.  The cheese, however, was as lovely as it looks.  (She's quite a talker, so I'm not convinced it would have mattered if the tomatoes were on-fire when placed in front of her.  After an hour, she was hardly halfway through her salad.  But I could listen all day!)

I got the pesto pizza (Bar Mercurio is known for their delicious pizzas) but opted to strike the chicken.  (As far as I'm concerned, chicken has no place on a pizza.)  With potatoes and fresh basil, chopped asparagus and pine nuts with a lovely pesto, it was a perfect midsummer lunch.

We each had a glass of Appleby Lane Sauvignon Blanc out of New Zealand, and while it was punchy and bright, it was inexplicably served in brandy snifters.  It was bizarre and allowed the wine to get warm almost instantly.  We were confused.  

But nothing was gonna get us down!  A fresh friendship on a breezy patio?  Amazing.


  1. I was highly confused by that glass. I'm sure it was created to best deliver Sauvignon Blanc to one's tastebuds or some business like that, but on a hot, hot afternoon it was awkward.

    What wasn't awkward was giving you a big old hug. Sign me up for another.

  2. it's yet weird to finally meet the people behind the blogs you read. you feel like you know them and it's interesting to see how they really are.

    it was a pleasure to meet you finally and thank you again for loaning me all this film gear! i'm slowly playing with it...when i'm not intimidated by it all! i'm hoping you enjoy the wine and zucchini.

  3. CHICKEN NO PLACE ON A PIZZA?! blasphemy.

  4. So...umm....when are you coming to Nashville?

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  6. I asked Tara's permission before posting about our lunch date. Not to worry, Mina.

  7. Awww! I love this post! How totally sweet :)