Sunday, August 8, 2010

I mentioned butter tarts earlier.  The mere idea of a butter tart is enough to make me put on a shirt, get in a boat, trek to the marina, get in the car, and drive to one of several Mom-and-Pop bakeries in the Muskoka region boasting homemade this-and-that.  You see, you can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting some kind of independently-operated shop specializing in delightful baked goods.

In Gravenhurst there's a bakery called, simply, The Bakery.  A pleasant assault on the senses, opening the door is like walking into the middle of a pecan pie.  It smells like sugar and yeast and maple syrup.  Perfection.  We bought some tarts (with raisins for me, and without for Jeff), chelsea buns and a loaf of excellent whole wheat bread.  I could barely contain myself - I wanted it all.  Savoury pies and eccles cakes and cookies.  Sausage rolls and donuts and the cute boy behind the counter.  

If you're heading north, make sure you stop by this lovely shop for their delicious wares.


  1. It's like Christmas! All Jason, all the time, so many posts, such good stuff. "The boy behind the counter" got me.

    Love a butter tart.

  2. I would like to walk into the middle of a pecan pie, please. My senses could do with this kinda magic on a dull Monday morning. Have a good week, J.