Sunday, July 4, 2010

Part of the pleasure of cottage life is watching it through the eyes of our niece and nephew.  Elise and Billy seem completely in their element up here, no need for shirts or hair barrettes - just a life jacket and a sense of adventure.  Elise, three-and-a-half, wakes at six o'clock and doesn't quit until her heads hits the pillow sometime near seven.  No wonder she's always looking for the next sugar fix.

Our meals up here are usually very simple.  Little Billy was happy to help with the green beans: doused in olive oil and salt and pepper, they cook beautifully in these reusable tin trays.  The potatoes are soaked in oil too, and mixed with minced ginger, garlic, fresh dill and chives.  We let them get brown and crispy on the BBQ, carmelized and softened just-so.  Two-and-a-half pounds of organic Pacific Coast salmon was soaked in gin, lemon juice, salt, pepper, dill and chives and steamed on the grill.

It's all prep you can take care of early in the day, pre-cocktail hour, when your motor and culinary skills become a bit . . . restricted.

(Billy loved his raw green bean.  The cutest child ever.)


  1. You sure he liked those beans ? Looks like it could have gone either way there. Sooo cute, in any case !

  2. Haha.
    Yeah, these photos don't necessarily show it. But he really did love them!!

  3. Awesome, even the fake hot dogs!!! Hope your not roasting to bad at the cottage!! You have captured the essence of Elise. The gleam in her eye says..hmm, what to get into next!!


  4. The next sugar fix? I feel the same way. Daily. Great picturs! Even better kids.