Thursday, July 8, 2010

During our week-long stay at the cottage, we did a few little projects.  Some were planned (like refurbishing a rocking chair) and others weren't (rebuilding the dock after we tore if off with our boat.  Uh huh.  Seriously.)  

So we'll focus on the chair.  

Before, it was a totally-generic rocker from some big box store (I have to assume) and now it's a Mennonite's slate-blue wetdream.  The natural crackling in spots was a happy accident.  I think it looks a bit shiny and new, so on our next visit I plan on roughing it up a little, wearing its edges with a bit of sand paper, bashing it with some implements - You know, that kind of thing.  

Whatever the case, it's a far cry from the snoozefest of a honey-coloured bore it used to be.


  1. It's so refreshing. Like those swimming pools you posted. I also call that a French blue, for some reason. I like "Mennonite blue".
    One distressing tip: If you rub on a brown shoe polish, wiping most of it away, it will remain in all the carved out areas.

  2. Love the new color! Amazing what a bit of paint can do.

  3. Seriously - I cannot get over the photography on your sight. Really lovely. And the rocking chair's not bad either (smile).

  4. OMG, thanks, Leigha. Stay awhile! Enjoy. Comment up a storm, wouldja? I love that shit.

  5. Lovely! And what the hell did you do to the dock?!