Monday, July 26, 2010

After indulgent weekends at the cottage, we feel compelled to come home and lighten up where food is concerned.  With a non-stop parade of hot dogs, white bread, red meat and booze, it's critical that our Monday to Friday is a bit leaner.  But life's too short for chicken breasts and spinach, so if it comes from my kitchen, it'll still fall firmly in the syrupy category.

I started by crushing a quarter cup of maple-glazed pecans to coat the top of the Icelandic salmon fillet, then seared in a hot, oiled pan. After the pecans got just the slightest bit charred, I flipped to the skin side and let the fish cook through (about 12 minutes).   Then tented under foil.

To the pan, I added four tablespoons of ginger and one small shallot (both minced very finely) with a tiny splash of soy sauce. I allowed the mash to flash-fry in the hot oil, while bringing the pan down to a more reasonable temperature.  I added a half-teaspoon of grainy mustard and a glug or two of maple syrup (If you're lucky, it'll be Hart House Farm Syrup and a gift from your lovely friend Kathy).  I whisked gently and added a good splash of Woodford Reserve (okay, more like . . . a cup).  I let this to simmer away for a few minutes (cutting the bourbon but leaving its smokey sweetness) before I strained the ginger-shallot mash (which I like to spread under the fish, as a tasty surprise) and served with the salmon.  Sweet, but not too, and so moist.

Oh, and something else: Try adding a teaspoon of super grainy mustard to steamed green beans.  Tasty.


  1. That looks so good...your food shots always look like they are straight from Bon Appetit!

  2. So happy you're enjoying the syrup. I've just used mine for pancakes but I should get a bit more adventurous with it. This looks delicious.

  3. how mouth-watering. i wish alex liked salmon. maybe this recipe will convert him.

  4. Nice styling on the beans and liking the detail of the photography.

  5. Wow a simple meal but yet so luxiourious and tasty looking! I may have to try this.

  6. Thanks, all!
    Mina, it confuses me when people think they don't like salmon. It's so inoffensive! If prepared properly, it's as good as steak. He shouldn't have had the Ikea fish plate. Haha.

  7. His mum would die if she read that. She's in a gourmet club and I'm sure she's prepared it for him several times.

    1) I have prepared salmon for him. :(
    2) We're from Winnipeg, I've barely been in an Ikea let alone eaten at one!!
    3) As good as steak? That's blasphemous.)

  8. Oh dear! I'll tell his mum not to read it when she leaves my house tomorrow morning! BA-ZING!

    You're right. Not as good as steak.
    And definitely not as good as that joke I just made. BA-ZING!

  9. HA! Good joke, Jason. Don't regret it.

    Your photos look delicious but I, like Alex, detest salmon. Blech.

    I do, however, love green beans and whisky. :)

  10. I was going to comment on how wonderfully delicious this looks, but was distracted by your BA-ZING!


  11. Ew. If we're ever going to be friends, please never subject me to that revolting mental imagery again. I'm in Wawa for the next few hours, come visit.

    I prefer a simple ZING. The BA is unnecessary.

    Taylor K - Don't encourage him.

    Oh no you di-n't indeed.

  12. I love how you string words together! I don't even cook and yet I read all your recipes.
    P.S. Dinner at your house is SO much better than dinner at my house.

  13. Haha.
    Sorry, Mina. That's not typically my humour-angle, so we can still be real-life friends.

    Thanks, Leigha!