Sunday, June 6, 2010

A dear friend, Kris Knight, is a deeply talented artist.  We met, by chance, years ago (I can hardly believe how many!) and were fast friends.   His work regularly pulls from his pastoral past, growing up in rural Ontario, and most often in the form of spooky portraits.

Not to mention, he's cute as his own button nose, which, if you noticed, he transposes onto his subjects.  The pirate drawing below was part of a series I was honored to be part of.  (And now I have a reference for my rhinoplasty!  Kidding.)  The other is a personal favourite, part of an oil series from 2006 (Madame Deficit, called "Deadly Poppy Field").  Kris' ability to blend photorealism with that texture only paint and pencil can achieve is stunning, particularly live.  If you see his work in your town (I'm talking to you, Miami, his solo show at the Spinello Gallery opens on June 12!) make sure you stop by.

(Kris in his beautiful studio in downtown Toronto, 2010.)


  1. SO great! Ummm...when is he coming to Nashville?

  2. love a button nose. he did well with your smile, too.

  3. He gave me some artistic-collagen-injections, but that's okay!

  4. That painting of the woman is stunning. The photo of him is cute. A different side, almost--he's smiling. Very different from the more recent pictures you posted--much more introspective looking. He's adorable.

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