Thursday, June 17, 2010

On Gaying it Up in Small Town Ontario

Spending the weekend in my sister's town has a way of making me feel self-conscious.  If you haven't been stared at in the grocery store, you might not know what I mean, but wearing a belt that matches your shoes seems to elicit sidelong glances from total strangers.  Sometimes it's a man who looks at  you like you're an assault on his morals, or it's a perky lady who wants nothing more than a gay best friend.  One can be scary, the other is totally adorable.  But why be scared? I say shake your thang in a local park!

(More on the subject: Crossing my Legs and Other Acts of Homosexuality, September 2008)

(I love my new shoes.  Jeff, adorable in his vintage Raybans.)


  1. There are men who don't coordinate belts and shoes?

  2. Love your outfit! Works really well, denim/chambray shirts are so on trend now...but it's always been there.

    U guys make such a cute couple.

    Well, coordinating belt and shoe colours does not make you just 'gay', it's more like you are 'responsible' citizens of our planet who wants to make things easier on the eyes for other people:-P I call it public service!


  3. This post echoes the exact same looks my boyfriend and I get in small towns in the UK. Quite amusing really.

    P.S. Enjoyed your back linked to post from 2008 - I did have a little chuckle "slumping shoulders back in places that sell auto parts"...guilty as charged on that one!

    P.P.S. Kite + park = fun!

  4. Haha - well done, Blue.

    Thanks, Kevin!

    Will, I have learned to see the funny in it. Sometimes it's fun to give a flirty eyebrow raise to small town men. They don't know what to do with themselves.

  5. I love your new shoes too.

    Very sartorialist!

  6. I think people might simply be noticing that your clothes FIT you, never mind that your colours coordinate. I mean, look at you, wearing a belt around your waist. How novel is that, nowadays?! Doesn't seem as if you've slept in your shorts either (guess you own more than one pair, huh? or perhaps you use one of those old-fashioned irons my mother kept telling me about?!). You stylish people are a welcome rest for my aggrieved eyes. Thank you for beautifying the landscape. Public service indeed, Kevin.

  7. Great style, the both of you.

  8. Love the denim shirt with white stitching. Love the whole thing down to the ground*.

    *down to the ground phrases / idioms=
    Thoroughly, completely, as in "This new job suits him down to the ground." [Colloquial; second half of 1800s]

  9. Thanks, Kathleen and Tommy!

    Sylvie - I'm gonna use that!

  10. Let them look.. and learn.
    You look fab and so does your cute man!

    x Charlotta

  11. Charlotta! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Gosh, I'm flattered.

  12. Re: the phrase...
    I was 19, at a concert, all turned out when a British journalist complimented me, "That outfit suits you 'down to the ground'." To be 19, and insecure, and have someone make a fuss over you has the effect of sticking in your memory. I'd always thought it was a contemporary phrase until recently, when I thought of it with regard to you, and I decided to look it up. I'm fascinated to discover that it's from the late 1800s.

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