Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lately I've enjoyed a big spike in readership here on my blog.  Lots of new return-lurkers and commenters, and my Site Meter is starting to smoke a bit from the traffic.  Of course, this makes me very happy and thank you so much for your generous and thoughtful responses, blogroll-adds, and mentions.  It really has been inspiring.  

So I thought it might be a good time to re-introduce myself, for those just arriving at the party.  Along the side column, there are filters with which you can divide-and-conquer my blog, if you so desire.  And below are the categories that cover the real meat, the essential posts to figuring me out.  

The Ones I Love (a collection of posts about my family and friends, my nearest and dearest.)
My Housing Project (photos of our apartment.)
Cottage Life (photos and tales of life in the Muskokas.)
The Delicious (fooooood.)

Please feel free to comment on entries new and old, and I'll definitely reply.  Bloggers live for comments, so get in there and let me know you're reading.  

(Above: A walk down header-lane.  And please note that I changed the format of my blog recently, so old entries will look ugly, with tiny photos.  Forgive this assault on your aesthetics.)


  1. Don't you hate the old small photo posts?!?! They're like the chubby-awkward-pre-teen years of blog land. I am so very glad I've found your blog through 'Sending Postcards.' It is truly a delight and I look forward to our future blog love-y-ness.

  2. Ha. I know, total cringe at early stuff of mine. Congratulations on the growth, and great things ahead, sir.

  3. I started with small photos also! I am one of the new lurkers and love your blog.

  4. I love it all. Keep up the great work, Jason!

  5. new reader here! Looking forward to checking out more of your lovely blog!

  6. i don't think there is anything about your early days. loved it then and love it now.

  7. ah yes. small photos. we went from 510px to 600px. it makes a difference to me.

  8. not sure if i've complimented the new layout yet.

    looks great.
    clean, classy, and fresh

  9. Damn. I love this retrospective.