Thursday, June 10, 2010

Decorative Baby Steps

I tend to look at our cottage as a long-term-project.  We'll look back in 35 years and marvel at how it's changed, rather than go bananas trying to get it all done in one summer.  

Over the last couple of visits we've made a few more small changes.  In the Unky's Buncle (as it's known) there's a tall wooden structure that peninsulas out into the middle of the room.  Back in the day, this lakeside building was a full-blown sauna, and all the workings were tucked inside.  We added rods to make it a proper closet and hung this nautical striped fabric as a door.  Aside from the added function of a closet, the fabric brings a lot of brightness and colour to the bunky and, for me, revitalizes what was an annoying eyesore, a ramshackle little room-within-a-room.  

Putting an actual door on this closet would've been tough, as it's not standard-sized in any way.  We found this great cotton shower curtain at Canadian Tire for $14.99 and it slides on regular old shower-curtain-rings on a rod hidden behind the rough-hewn wood.  It's masculine and summery and perfect amongst all the other blue and green fabrics on the beds.   With hits of blue, green and yellow, it also opens up a world of colour-possibilities for the other draperies needed on three windows and the headboard I want to DIY for our bed.

We hung this great little metal-worked "J" above, making the whole thing a cottagey and quaint focal point upon entering the bunky.  

In the main house, we did away with a rickety shelf in the living room, replacing it with the hutch-portion of a cabinet that was kicking around.  (The buffet is in the kitchen, providing a ton of closed-storage and a great surface put the toaster and coffee maker.  Our ceilings aren't high enough to accommodate it as a pair.)  It's a great place to tuck all of our books, board games, and rainy-day-DVDs.


  1. Everything looks awesome, as per usual. Candian Tire?! Who knew? I love finding random delights in unexpected places.

  2. Can't wait to see more! I think its def. best to decorate over time v. all at once. Especially for a cabin.

  3. Thanks, friends.

    Tommy: Canadian Tire is a great place! So many things. I'm not even sure if they sell tires!

    (They do.)

  4. I'm in love with that rocking chair. It takes me right back to my grandparents' farmhouse in northern New Brunswick.